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Hate Plow Biography

Last updated: 08/01/2003 04:33:36 AM

Hate Plow was formed in early 1994 by Phil Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Rob Barrett (Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation), and "Crazy" Larry Hawke (longtime South Florida underground scene stalwart). Intended initially as merely a fun side-project, the band recorded a four song demo that was widely circulated throughout the underground trading circuit.

Despite a strong buzz, prior commitments intervened, and Phil and Rob had to return to duties with their respective projects. Undeterred, and encouraged by the growing interest in this death metal "all-star band," Phil and Larry continued writing songs in their free time. Soon enough, a new vocalist was recruited in the form of Kyle Symons (ex-Sickness), former Revenant bassist Tim Scott joined the fold, and Hate Plow hit the studio again. This time, a nine song demo was produced that quickly caught the interest of Pavement records, and a deal was made.

As the band prepared to record their debut, disaster struck in the form of an eight month jail sentence for drummer Larry Hawke. Fortunately, before he began his sentence,Larry was able to lay down all seventeen tracks intended for the record. Upon Larry's release from prison the band seemed to be in anideal situation. Rob Barrett had left Cannibal Corpse and was looking to make Hate Plow his new full-time project, and every one else had been rehearsing together continuously for a number of months. The fickle hand of fate decided to have one more go at the Hate Plow boys, however, when on the morning of May 24, 1997, "Crazy" Larry Hawke was found dead from smoke inhalation at a fire in his home.Fast forward to 1999 where there was a search to find a new drummer to work on the new album.

Contact was made with many but Dave Culross (Malevolent Creation, ex-Suffocation) was the one Hate Plow felt could take Larry's place and take them to the next level of devastation. With Dave in the band and the addition of new bass player Doug Humlack, it was time to get started on the next album titled "The Only Law Is Survival" which would be recorded at Studio 13. On this release Hate Plow has returned with a vengeance going towards the pure speed and intensity of grindcore that many have tried but could not achieve. With 13 new songs of pure grind, this is the album that will have people realize this is not a side project but a full time band dedicated to bringing the most pulverizing grindcore to all that can handle it. With a street date of August 15 and a world tour planned for the fall/winter of 2000, "The Only Law Is Survival" was made for people tried of all the crossover, industrial, and rock riffs that has infected this genre of music. Be prepared for an intense look into the horrors of society the way only Hate Plow can deliver. Hate Plow has come back to the true roots of grind that would have made Larry proud and will make fans of intense sound take notice.