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Hate Biography

Last updated: 09/25/2003 10:17:24 PM

1990 - the band was founded by three men Adam The First Sinner (guit, voc) and Mittloff (drums) and Qack (guit.) in Warsaw, Poland.

1992 - first demo Abhorrence was recorded at Power Play Studio, Warsaw, released on Hate Production - a small underground label, and distributed mainly in the Polish underground. Abhorrence received rave reviews in metal magazines and won Hate a lot of respect in Poland.

1994 - second demo Evil Art was recorded at Izabelin Studio, Warsaw, and released on Loud Out Records.

1995 - a mini album The Unwritten Law was recorded at Power Play Studio, Warsaw, and released on Vox Mortiis as third demo from Hate. The material was distributed in Poland and Czech Republic and received with great interest among death metal fans and magazines.

1996 - first Hate's full length album Daemon Qui Fecit Terram was released on Vox Mortiis in the spring of 1997.

1998/99 - second album Lord Is Avenger was recorded at Selani Studio, Olsztyn. The material was engineered by Andy Bomba known from his previous collaboration with Vader. Lord Is Avenger album was released on Vox Mortiis as a double cd along with the first album Daemon Qui Fecit Terram. That was the first Hate’s material distributed in the West. The second album set Hate as one of the best death metal group in Eastern Europe, among such bands as Vader, Yattering and Behemoth. At that time the band was playing many gigs, appearing before Marduk and Dark Funeral and Vader. Several months later Hate started writing for a new material. This time it was a mini lp. titled Victims, which contained four new songs plus two covers - Postmortem (Slayer) and The Kill (Napalm Death). The former track was included on Tribute To Slayer vol. 2, released by American label Dwell Records and distributed all over the world.

2000 - mini lp. Victims was put out in Poland on Metal Mind Production. After the premiere, the group took part in some festivals appearing, among others, before Immolation and Testament. The band received several offers from major western labels, but negotiations proved to be unsuccesful.

2001 -The band entered Serakos Studio in Warsaw to record its third album Cain's Way. Meanwhile the band entered into negotiation with American label - World War III - the metal branch of Deathrow Records. After long negotiation, the contract was signed. The agreement considered previous Hate's materials as well as the new albums from the group. The label released (10 April of 2001) material titled Holy Dead Trinity which is a compilation of Hate's previous albums. HDT contains 12 tracks chosen from two albums - Lord Is Avenger and Victims. Recording session of Cain's Way - the third full length album from the group - has been finished. The material was released in Poland on Apocalypse Production. Just after the premiere the band took part in Thrash’Em All Festival in Poland (9 concerts) appearing before Krisiun and Vader. Cain's Way American premiere is planned in March of 2002 via World War III.

Now the band has been given a great opportunity to reach world-wide audience and spread their message outside the European metal market. With 10 years' experience and three studio albums, Hate is ready to conquer new lands and spread their war over the globe. Playing uncompromising death metal over the years, the band developed its own recognizable style - intense straightforward lyrics, relentless guitars, raging rhythm section, mercilessly devilish vocals, all technical, riff oriented, melodious and sophisticated. Along with Vader, Behemoth and Decapitated, Hate helped shaped the Polish metal scene and had stake in the phenomenon which is called the Polish Death Metal.

Present Hate's line-up :

Adam The First Sinner - lead guitar, vocal
Kaos - rhythm guitar
Hellrizer - drums
Cyprian - bass guitar