Haste The Day Albums

  • Attack Of The Wolf King Album (6/29/2010)
    Wake Up The Sun
    Dog Like Vultures
    The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
    Merit For Sadness
    The Un-Manifest
    The Place Where Most Deny
    White As Snow
    Crush Resistance
    Walk With A Crooked Spine
    My Name Is Darkness
    Meet Me Halfway

  • Dreamer Album (10/14/2008)
    Mad Man
    An Adult Tree
    Invoke Reform
    Sons Of The Fallen Nation

  • Pressure The Hinges Album (3/20/2007)
    Eye Of The Needle
    Pressure The Hinges
    The Minor Prophets
    The Oracle
    White Collar
    Janet's Planet
    Servant Ties
    Chorus Of Angels
    Bonus Tracks
    In Memory
    Sea Of Apathy (Demo)
    Chorus Of Angels (Demo)

  • When Everything Falls Album (6/28/2005)
    The Perfect Night
    Walk On
    When Everything Falls
    If I Could See
    Walls And Fear
    For A Lifetime
    This Time It's Real
    Bleed Alone
    All I Have
    Long Way Down

  • Burning Bridges Album (3/9/2004)
  • That They May Know You Album (5/1/2002)

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    Sweet | Reviewer: Kung Fu Devil
        ------ About the album Pressure The Hinges performed by Haste The Day

    This is an awsome album. i love the new direction the band went with the departure of Jimmy. they changed their instrumentation styles to suit the lower growl of steven. the CD ranges from a death metal sound to straight up singing. This is and awsome band and i expect to hear more from them in the future. Cant wait to see them live in Pittsburgh with From Autumn to Ashes

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