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Jimmy Ryan (vocals)
Brennan Chaulk (guitar)
Jason Barnes (guitar)
Mike Murphy (bass)
Devin Chaulk (drums)
FORMED: 2001
FROM: Indianapolis, IN

If you've driven through the mid-west, you’ve undoubtedly circled Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. Known for nearly 100 years for its fast cars, Indianapolis is the central hub for travelers taking the interstate from one coast to the other. Unlike its neighbors, Detroit and Chicago, the city has remained a quiet budding ground for new musical talent. Artists always came through but it’s only been recently that a band has come out of the state’s capital that seems to have the potential to put the well traversed city on the map.

It was 2001, when inspired by the many underground touring bands that stopped in Indianapolis, that guitarist Brennan Chaulk, bassist Mike Murphy and drummer Devin Chaulk would start what become known as Haste the Day. As a three-piece they began playing shows around their home town for the same reason the bands who came before them did – it was fun. "After being a three piece for 6 months we added two other members," recalls Devin. "Jason Barnes, a long time friend, became our second guitarist and Jimmy Ryan became our vocalist." Before showing up for an audition and being asked to join the band, Ryan had never met the members of Haste The Day.

Influenced by Carcass' Jeff Walker and ZAO luminary Daniel Weyandt, Ryan added vocal muscle to the bands already hard yet melodic style. The five's combination of influences and personality coalesced together into one of middle America's most exciting up and coming hard bands. Since the bands' inception, Haste the Day made a name for themselves by performing passionate and energetic shows around the country. The band's tour resume consists of some of the most influential and well known bands in the hard music underground. Bands like Sick of it All, Poison the Well, Papa Roach and others have shared the stage with Haste the Day and it was only a matter of time before the band began to be approached by record labels from around the country.

After signing with Seattle’s Solid State Records, the band entered the studio with Barry Poynter (Living Sacrifice, ZAO) and recorded the undeniably heavy "Burning Bridges," a debut album vocalist Jimmy Ryan calls "rock and roll with break downs." Consisting of all new songs, besides the crowd favorite "Substance," "Burning Bridges" is an album full of passion and tension. True, the crowd appealing break downs are in tact but more than that, the band has a handle on melody and its gentle yet prominent control of the band's sound. Apply titled, the band’s debut is a story of new beginning, saying goodbye to faulty yet comfortable ways of expression. "We realized in the studio that there was a theme in the lyrics," Devin admits. "A theme of breaking away from the past, whether that’s habits, character issues or people permeates the album. We just wanted to burn the bridges to avoid past mistakes."

Haste The Day intend on taking 2004 to task like they have years prior with non-stop touring. With a new album of new material and an already established but burgeoning fan base, Haste The Day will have little problem winning over new converts of both rock and roll and fans of hardcore and metal.

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Haste the Day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

Haste the Day actually changed my life and inspired me to be the musician that I am today. I got hooked by listening to Chorus of Angels,which in my opinion is their best song, and have not stopped since. They always were the best and always will be. I just wish they didn't have to break up.
"I saw the angels sing along to wake up the beautiful sleeping world. Their voices will rise to test the strength of man. Wake up the beautiful sleeping world"

Haste the Day | Reviewer: soccer_20 | 3/1/09

This is an amazing band. I wasn't really into this kind of music until I heard Haste the Day's "When Everything Falls." I absolutely loved it and I have fallen in love with the band. I love the message that they send in the song "American Love."

'Stay with me forever.
I never shoulda let you go.'

haste the day | Reviewer: roxy | 12/11/08

haste is really one of the most unique bands out there. they have there own style and the music and lyrics together make it a party for you ear drums. this band has kept me alive and kept me strong through hard times and i love them with all my heart. from the start they had me addicted to their sound. iv'e been listen'n to them for many years now and as the years go by the records they record only get better and better. you can tell that they have formed from great to absolutly astonishing. i wish every metal head and rock listener would listen and buy just one album.. you will see what i mean.

" the heart will hurt when its chrushed by the "
weight on the leaves on the trees.

damn good | Reviewer: jeng | 1/3/08

this band catches my attentions.. i love their style, i think their style is newest techniques in a categories of music.. i like their song FALLEN.. keep makin' new songs..

Haste the day is the most inspiring band I've ever heard. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

The first cd I bought was when everything falls. then I went and bought Burning Bridges andnow I am the proud owner of thier newest album Presure The Hinges. Ilove Haste The Day. I need to find the cd "That They May Knoow You" so I can have every HTD cd ever. By the way.... Jimmy Ryan is no longer the vocalist for them anymore now they have Steven Keech and he's really good.

haste the day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/05

haste the day is the greatest hardcore band that ever existed. if you don't have there cd's get out and buy them. YOu willbe addictied

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