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Haste Biography

Last updated: 07/23/2002 10:22:20 PM

Kelly Reaves - vocals (low)
Chris Mosley - vocals (high)
Jason Burns - guitars
Nick Brunson - guitars
Brandon Thrasher - bass
Jeff Gardner - drums

Sophomore efforts by up-and-coming bands will very often fail to capture the energy, fire and spirit of their predecessor, thus leaving fans yearning for something more. In HASTE's case however, "When Reason Sleeps" feels more like the mature 3rd album only a few could ever have anticipated. What the song's on their first album "Pursuit In The Face Of Consequence" merely hinted at, "When Reason Sleeps" has taken to all new heights. And by doing so, HASTE have confidently raised the bar that hard rock albums must face in 2001. Maintaining the same six piece line-up (2 vocals, 2 guitars, bass and drums) from the first album, the band headed back into Synchromesh Studio in their home state of Alabama this past fall for an extended amount of time.

Enough time, as it was, to create an album full of amazing and emotional performances all captured with bigger and more explosive production than the band has ever received before. Upon listening, one is simply left burning in the ashes of the trail that "When Reason Sleeps" blazes. From the pummeling opener, "Brand New Opposites" to the addictive and transcending "Off Parting Sound" - this album has it all. And when you realize that these songs are only giving us a peak into the power and potential HASTE has inside of them, it's all the more exciting. The release of this album is the only the beginning for HASTE this year.

With this new material in hand and a growing reputation for putting on some of the most energetic and passionate live performances around, the band is more than ready to hit the road this year. Their first album saw the touring foundation being set with almost 3 months worth of U.S. live dates with the likes of Kittie, Reveille, Stuck Mojo and Boysetsfire. Look for the band to build upon that ground work as "When Reason Sleeps" hits the streets on March 20th.