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I can’t help my feelings;
I’ll go out of my mind.
These players come to get me
’Cause they’d like my behind.
I can’t love my business,
If I can’t get a trick.
Down on Santa Monica,
Where tricks are for kids.

Oh, come on and kick me.
Oh, come on and kick me.
(Oh.) Come on and kick me.
(Oh.) You’ve got your problems;
(Oh.) I’ve got my ass wipe

I can’t help my boogies;
They get out of control.
I know that you don’t care
But I want you to know.
The knee-stocking flavor
Is a favorite treat
Of men that don’t bother
With the taste of a teat.

Oh, come on and kick me.
Oh, come on and kick me.
(Oh.) Come on and kick me.
(Oh.) You’ve got your problems;
(Oh.) I’ve got my ass wipe
(Oh.) You’ve got your big G's;
I’ve got my hash pipe.
i've got my hash pipe

Oh, come on and kick me.
Oh, come on and kick me.
(Oh.) Come on and kick me.
(Oh.) You’ve got your problems;
(Oh.) I’ve got my ass wipe.
(Oh.) You’ve got your big G's;
I’ve got my hash pipe.
I’ve got my hash pipe.
I've got my hash pipe.
I've got my hash pipe.

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Crack Pipe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/10

It's obvious this song is about male prostitution. West Hollywood, Santa Monica Blvd. is where all the tranies hang out. They all smoke CRACK, which was the original title of this song CRACK PIPE. However, the record lable would not let Weezer use the title so they changed it to HASH PIPE. Tricks are people who pay for sex, and ass wide (hello)! Also it gets very hostile and violent in West Hollywood between the prostitutes hence (Kick Me). Come on it's very clear what this song is about.

Crack Pipe | Reviewer: Mark | 3/31/10

It is obvious this song is about male prostitution in West Hollywood. Santa Monica Blvd. is where the tranies hang out and they all smoke CRACK which was the original title of the song, but the record lable would not let Weezer use the word CRACK PIPE for the song. Tricks are males that pay for sex via prostitution, (get it ass wide)!

Pretty obvious, really... | Reviewer: tom | 11/26/09

Whether it's about (juvienile) male prostituition (which is pretty undeniable when reading/hearing the lyrics)or not, I think the theme is no matter what horrors may be endured in this life, there is something that can take it away for awhile. Whether the method of relief, and whether continuing to suffer the pain is tolerable simply because that relief is available, is the question. Nasty riffs, though... luv Weezer.

Disaffected youth | Reviewer: lemon juice | 10/18/09

My first impression of the song was that is was about someone who didnt care about working in corporate america but would rather smoke hash. Oddly enough, this person would rather sell his ass on the street than his soul to corporate america for money.
The line big G's sounds like big cheese as in "youve got your big cheese (good job)but ive got my hash pipe"

nahhh | Reviewer: twoheadedboy | 10/9/09

i think it could be any of those or perhaps all of them. it seems to me something having to do with "you can kick my ass but i still have my hash pipe" as in you can not like me you can hurt me i can just get high and life goes on i don't know about the prostitution there aren't many people doing THAT just for hash its not physically addictive it can be psychologically addictive though but i mean that be like prostituting yourself for weed and thats probably very rare. hash or hashish is from weed its just somewhat stronger. now if they had said 'crack pipe' i would be more likely that there talking about prostitution

well | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/26/09

from what i see this is weezer not talking about drug dealers or anything of that nature or addiction. but he is talking about how everyone has something and no matter what happens in life he has his pipe to get high by smoking weed and or hash. he doesn't give a fuck if you like him or not cuz life goes on. if any of you even know what hash is it's a schedule 2 drug in the ranks of coke and such. Sounds scary but hash is simply just a concentrated and high dose of that special chemical that makes us love marijuana THC.

Just Relax...... | Reviewer: Jeremy wadkins | 6/4/09

I really dont care what the lyrics are about but after reading them it seems pretty clear its about someone addicted to drugs and they have to prostitute themselves to get the money to buy it. Its sad but there are so many people who live like that. A few weezer songs are about drug addition or getting off drugs. I wonder if "come on and kick me" means kicking the drug addition? Aaahh who cares. See ya. P.S If you want to see how to play this song...I will be posting it on youtube under "jeremy wadkins guitar lessons" I will post it on 6-6-09 see ya.

xfunkySoul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/08

honestly who gives a fuc* what this song is about we are all here for the same reason ... we like this song. or in some way think is freaking awesome. so instead of critizing weezer and their lyrics just go home and smoke some pot. ... anybody can write about whatever floats their boat.

... | Reviewer: Chazz | 12/17/08

I think its about getting in deep with the mob over drugs... but he's saying I don't give a shit what you do cuase I have my drugs anyway... why are you so bothered about me? You've got your money! Just kick me and get it over with. I can't help it that I go a bit nuts with my ammounts... I just loose control... I don't care, just kill me you homosexual...

I have no idea where people are getting gay prostitutes from O.O

I like the song but... | Reviewer: JP | 12/1/08

I heard this song was about gay male prostitutes and looking at the words that would seem to make sense. I like the song and am a happy, straight, college-attending pot smoker but I can't figure out why Weezer would make me feel so gay for liking a song about weed. Are they against pot? Just dropping some lines and something to think about for all of you, peace out.

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