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Singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson was born Harry Edward
Nilsson III in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1941. As a young man, he
moved with his family to California and after graduating,
took a night job in the computer processing department of a
bank. His days were spent writing songs and making demos
for music publishers. Eventually, Mercury Records signed
him and he released his first single, "Donna", under the
name Johnny Niles. He moved on to Capitol Records where he
recorded more unsuccessful singles and sang lead vocals for
an outfit called the New Salvation Singers.

In the mid '60s he wrote More...

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Everybody's Talkin' | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation
    ------ About the song Everybody's Talkin' performed by Harry Nilsson

The lyrics express the beauty of love. It's hard to believe that who ever originally wrote "Everybody's Talkin" had a story like "Midnight Cowboy" in mind. However, if you've ever loved somebody with all of your heart, you can identify with the feeling of this song which is, 'it does not matter what people think or say, I'm gonna love you, any way!' (It could have very well have been written by the song writer for a hetersexual relationship originally and then, sold to Hollywood for money).

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