Harry Connick, Jr. Lyrics

Anyone following the brilliant career of Harry Connick, Jr.
knows there are many musical sides to his personality: Big
Band, New Orleans funk, classic American standards,
straight ahead jazz, and devilishly clever original songs
all comprise the colors of Harry's palette. Now, he brings
it all together on Come By Me, Harry's latest Columbia
release. A seamless collection of standards and originals,
the new album shows why Harry Connick, Jr. easily takes his
place alongside the best of composers and performers.

Teaming as usual with More...

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Review about Harry Connick, Jr. songs
smokin' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song One Fine Thing performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

This is one of his most sensual and steamy original songs; it's one of the steamiest, quietly sexy songs ever...

I knowing he's singing about/to his beautiful wife but i can easily pretend he's singing to me...

The music is quietly rhythmic and unassuming and then the strings etc. swoop in and there's a breathless moment and then a plateau and then that insistent rhythm comes back... it's nothing less than tantric music.

do a deer | Reviewer: Amraa parveen
    ------ About the song Do - Re - Mi performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

do a deer a fe mail deer ray a drop of golden sun me a name i call myself far a long long way to run so a needle pulling thread la a note to follow so tea i drink with jam and bread that will bring us back to do oh oh oh.

Reading the lyrics brings back memories | Reviewer: Appookta
    ------ About the song Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

Something I heard while listening to classical music reminded me of this song. Even then, it took a few minutes to figure out what the song was so I could look up the actual words, remembering just a few here and there. I haven't heard the song since the 1950's. Reading them here brings back memories.

At Last | Reviewer: Vanessa
    ------ About the song A Wink And A Smile performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

My favorite song of all times Etta James "At Last" and done very nicely by Martina McBride I do command her for that prefornmance. After Arthra's "Respect". It's the small things in life that make you step back, look at the inportant things, Respect from your man and the love that Etta and Martina personify in "At Last.
That makes the world go around.

Thank you for your mucis and for my son openning my eyes to appreciate other styles of music, Thanks Ryan for making me so diversed and to have a love of all music you have entroduced me to. Mom will always miss you and love you.
A mother's love.

I'm a woman with values to my music. Things come to you in the last minute and when it's the most important.

A Better Time | Reviewer: Darrell Cole
    ------ About the song Stompin' At The Savoy performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

The words describe the regret I feel as though I missed the greatest party ever thrown. The peak of insane enjoyment. What a blast they must of had. These lyrics like a time machine take you to a smile and bring you back to a tear.

Darrell Cole
Tribute Artist Nat King Cole

Beautiful | Reviewer: Mike Aguayo
    ------ About the song We Are In Love performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

Love this song, finally a site that got the lyrics correct!

sublime | Reviewer: Couto Jose
    ------ About the song Here Comes The Big Parade performed by Harry Connick, Jr.

Really a great inspiration about music

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