Harry Chapin Albums

  • Legends of the Lost & Found Album
    Corey's Coming
    Flowers are Red
    Get On With It
    If My Mary Were Here
    Mail Order Annie
    Odd Job Man
    Old Folkie
    Poor Damned Fool
    Pretzel Man
    Stranger with the Melodies
    Tangled Up Puppet
    The Day They Closed the Factory Down
    We Were Three
    You Are the Only Song

  • Last Protest Singer Album (1/1/1989)
    A Quiet Little Love Affair
    Basic Protest Song
    I Don't Want To Be President
    Last Of The Protest Singers
    Last Stand
    November Rains
    Silly Little Girl
    Sounds Like America To Me
    Word Wizard
    You Own The Only Light.

  • Sequel Album (1/1/1980)
    I Miss America
    Story of a Life
    Up On the Shelf
    Salt And Pepper
    God Babe You've Been Good To Me
    Northwest 222
    I Finally Found It, Sandy
    Remember When the Music

  • Living Room Suite Album (1/1/1978)
    Dancin' Boy
    If You Want to Feel
    Poor Damned Fool
    I Wonder What Would Happen to this World
    It Seems You Only Love Me When It Rains
    Why Do Little Girls?
    Flowers are Red
    Somebody Said

  • Dance Band on the Titanic Album (1/1/1977)
  • Greatest Stories Live Album (1/1/1976)
  • On the Road to Kingdom Come Album (1/1/1976)
  • Portrait Gallery Album (1/1/1975)
  • Short Stories Album (1/1/1974)
  • Verities & Ba Album (1/1/1974)
  • Sniper & Other Love Songs Album (10/1/1972)
  • Heads & Tales Album (3/1/1972)

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