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Shabazz Palaces Harem Aria Lyrics

Last updated: 07/24/2014 05:04:00 AM

I'm not messing with your mind
I'm not messing with your mind
Pretty mind
I'm not messing with your mind
I don't have that mind of a problem
I'm not blind, I know your eyes
I'm mignon and I know the time
(That's great!)
There are higher beams to climb
... from Heaven
There'll be ... should I grind
(That's me!)
Start on a plea
Runs with a C
Runs from the sea
One, two, one!
...To your cries I am entrapped in school
(They started whispering to each other)
You're a bird I visualized
Is that resound? Is that tight?
It's the bad one ...
And my get ups get ain't divine
You can search, but you can't find!
La la la la la

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