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Randy Travis Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2000 10:46:32 PM

[Intro (listen to recording for timing)]

Since the day I was led to temptation
And in weakness did let your love down
I have prayed that with time and compassion
You'd come around

I keep waiting for you to forgive me
And you keep saying you can't even start
And I feel like a stone you have picked up and thrown
To the hard rock bottom of your heart
To the hard rock bottom of your heart

Now this home we have built is still standing
It's foundation is on solid ground
Do we roll up our sleeves and repair it
Or burn it down


We can't just block it out We've got to talk it out
Until our hearts get back in touch
I need your love I miss it I can't go on like this is
Hurts too much

[Chorus, repeat last two lines of chorus for ending]