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Few debut records could lay claim to have had the impact
(or length of title) of the Happy Mondays' Squirrel And
G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt
Smile (White Out). The sextet's raw brand of urban folk,
with Shaun Ryder's accented, drawled vocals, was almost
universally acclaimed. John Cale, formerly of the Velvet
Underground, produced and gave the record a fresh, live
feel. The original line-up remained unchanged (apart from
the addition of backing singer Rowetta) from the band's
formation in Manchester, More...

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Review about Happy Mondays songs
Gods' Cop is god!! | Reviewer: Alasdair Stuart
    ------ About the song Gods Cop performed by Happy Mondays

This is difficult.For what it lacks in lyrical depth, it makes up for easily in sheer musical perfection.Short,sweet,and if there's a point,I'm sure that SR had one at some point,just as I'm equally sure that it now escapes us both! Fucking excellent song at any rate!

mistake in the lyircs of 24 hour party people (happy mondays) | Reviewer: wawash
    ------ About the song 24 Hour Party People performed by Happy Mondays

"you know not ought not to have" there's a mistake.
here is the correct lyrics : "you know you're not ought to have

Happy Mondays - Step On | Reviewer: Kacky123
    ------ About the song Step On performed by Happy Mondays

A great classic song, gets me dancing! I recently got it on my phone and didn't know what it was at all, but when i did i thought it was fantastic!!

Simply The Best | Reviewer: Chabbs
    ------ About the song WFL (Wrote For Luck) performed by Happy Mondays

Crashes into its openin like a head on collision,your just left grinnin in pure approval as the continuouse but progressive drum and guitar rift
roll on and on.it just gets better and better,Ryders vocals are not only genius but they go together with the track in a paralell harmony.Then when 6.04 minutes are up,you realize you have proberbly just listened to the coolest tune ever produced.

ben vern upton 2004

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