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Seven and the Sun Happy In Your Misery Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2002 09:34:39 PM

Music & Lyrics by We3Kings (Seven, Walter Brandt, Bill Brandt)

So here you are
So happy in your misery
Entangled in your woes
Searching for some sympathy
So must the sky just fall?
From heaven up above
For you to start your evolution

Consumed and energized
Addicted if you will
Your drug is pity
And you love your tragic pill
What will it take for you
To climb out of your life
When will you find a resolution?

And here you are
So happy in your misery
You're angry at the world
You're angry at your history
You think the screaming scrapes
Of life are soley yours
You'd rather wallow in your sh*t
Then climb ashore

I'm tired of your bitchin'
And your chomping on my ear
The world keeps moving
but you'll still be hear next year
In your misery
In your misery
In your misery