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Harold Arlen Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe Lyrics

Last updated: 04/17/2000 04:27:18 AM

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Skies ain't gonna cloud no mo',
The crops ain't gonna fail,
Caught a bluebird by the toe,
A rainbow by the tail.
A certain man with eyes that shine
Voo-doo'd up this heart of mine.

It seem like Happiness is jes' a thing called Joe,
He's got a smile that makes the lilac wanna grow,
He's got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh,
When they know Little Joe's passing by.
Sometime the cabin's gloomy an' the table bare,
Then he'llkiss me an' it's Christmas ev'rywhere,
Troubles fly away an' life is easy go,
Does he love me good,
that's all I need to know,
Seem like happiness is jes' a thing called Joe.

2nd ending:
Little Joe,
Mm Mm Mm
Little Joe.

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