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So this is continuous happiness
You know, I always
Imagined it something more
With the right drapes, the right paints
The right frames, this could really work
What a great day to spend indoors

Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up

In a hail of sparks
And a tangle of wires
Everything went wrong

So where has all the day gone?
And why are my lungs aching when I breathe?
Is there something wrong with the heat?
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Why am I so cold?
And my heart feels sick
And it hurts when I speak
And this is not what I hoped for

Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up
Wake, wake up, wake, wake up

Was this what we hoped for?

Was this what we hoped for?
Was this what we hoped for?

Was this what we hoped for?

Was this what we hoped for?
Was this?

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LOVE this song | Reviewer: Dan | 10/15/11

PLEASE DO NOT GUESS AT THE MEANING OF THIS SONG. READ, READ, READ, The Euphio Question written by Kurt Vonnegut, it's entertaining and has a funny ending. THEN listen to this song again and again. YOU WILL FULLY UNDERSTAND EACH LINE TO THIS SONG.


Big Trip | Reviewer: Brandyn | 3/18/10

I just finished reading the short stories The Euphio Question and More Stately Mansions written by Kurt Vonnegut which this song is based and seeing the intense relativity to the lyrics is the biggest trip ever.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/10

This song is based on a short story called The Euphio Question. In the story, there is a machine created to create eternal happiness. He is happy but thought it could be something more. Then the machine breaks down and he is dying. He realizes that eternal happiness cannot be created

Is this what we hoped for? | Reviewer: NasserQ | 1/6/10

The reason your mind reverts to relationships in your interpretations is because your standard of judging is based on relationships with other people, or the acceptance and thus opinions of other people. I haven't read the short story from which it was inspired but to me this song speaks about the world we've built for ourselves. Is it really all we hoped for, as people, as a species? Should we have to paint over everything that's wrong just to make it work or could we rebuild it better? To me this song is brilliant.

Thanks Dale | Reviewer: thanks dale | 12/13/09

So after reading the Euphio Question I know that Dale's complete right.

I loved the song before but after reading the short story (which i really liked) the song just has a whole new meaning to me and is just awesome.

The Euphio Question | Reviewer: Dale | 7/3/09

This song is nothing to do with relationships or the pitfalls of materialism or any of the below suggestions. Although I agree, you could read it that way if you were unaware of it's true meaning.

However, if you read the short story by Kurt Vonnegut, titled "The Euphio Question" (it is featured in the collection of his short stories called 'welcome to the monkey house') There is no doubt that this song is about that story. The central lines "in a hail of sparks and a tangle of wires" and the title itself "happiness by the kilowatt" are directly taken from this story.

I'm not gonna explain the plot, look it up yrself if you're interested.

Alexisonfire never cease to amaze me with the wide variety of things they get their inspiration and lyrics from. This is another beautifully crafted song with some very interesting lyrics.

yeaah | Reviewer: jack | 4/7/09

so, i've read through these comments and i think everyones got the basic idea, however i think that the title "happiness by the kilowatt" and the lines " In a hail of sparks
And a tangle of wires
Everything went wrong "
must link up somehow, there is a fair bit of talk about electricity, wether this is commenting on how a relationship flows like electricity, but at the same time can be incredibly dangerous, or wether it means electric goods as in phones, computers ect setting an example of how to be happy i'm unsure of
one think i do know is that this song is really touching

Just one opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/09

I think that when Dallas says, "with the right drapes, the right paint.... this could really work" I think its a sarcastic look at a relationship. Maybe the character of the song was in a "picture perfect relationship" (like was metioned before) and it was just a cover, not really what he wanted.

my view. | Reviewer: Hayden. | 2/18/09

I love this song.
and i agree with some of the comments about its' lyrics below me.
I, too, think it has to do with relationships somewhat.
I think that it's as if the narrator has all these things that should qualify him to be happy. He doesn't understand why he can't seem to find the happiness he's dreamead of.
But i think that its because of a past love.
It's like nothing will be as good as it should, because he is left so empty from a perfect love gone wrowg.
I don't only think this song has to to with love and relationships though.
i think its just the fact that he can't find happiness in anything; he wants to be happy so much, but he's incapable of doing so. and he's telling himself to wake up out of this daze.
to find true happiness.

I've interepretted this song many different ways.
It has a million meanings to me.
And I really relate to it =/

hmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/09

It seems as though this song is about life in general. You can make it up with all these material things that they say will make you happy, but really you need something more, and when he asks why he is so cold, it's because materalism can't give you warmth in your life, and when he blames the heat, he tries to solve his emotional problems with material solutions, which the world says is what you hope for, but is it?

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