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Hanzel und Gretyl Biography

Last updated: 10/07/2003 02:57:08 AM

Soon after the release of Ausgeflippt, the band's debut, Hanzel und Gretyl toured as a support act for Maryln Manson. While the tour was a success, it was destined to be the last in support of Ausgefliptt. On the dance florr Hanzel und Gretyl's innovative use of ethic mdelodies, sound effects, and polyrythmic beats won the band fans on both sides of the turntable, propelling the single "Shine 2001" to #1 on the Alternative Press dance chart. Unable to tour, Rob Lupie and Vas Kallas, Hanzel und Gretyl's principle songwriters, began work on their second album, Transmissions from Uranus. With their sophomore release Lupie and Kallas have toned down the multi-lingual approach established on their debut to relate their beliefs in cosmic pheonmemon and celestial influence in English, their native tongue.

Uranus, the Greek word for "sky", and our solar system's seventh planet, has profound significance to Hanzel und Gretyl. Known to astrologist as the planet of destiny, Uranus, is believed to control static vibration, electrib impules of the spine, as well as unnaturl electro-magnetic fields(cosmic energy). "Uranus is closer than ever to eath" explains lead vocalist Vas Kallas "this is having a profound effect on humanity". The planet Uranus is acknowledges as the perpetrator of the "Aquarian Age", it's astolbical significance is that of freedom and a harmony with the consciousness of the earth. Thats what 9D Galactiv Center is about" states Kallas, "tuning into your higher self and getting in synch with the unverse. Planets affect everyone- thats the cruz of 'Trance PLanet Vortex'- electro-magnetic forces of the planets affect the bioeletricity of all humans... most people just call it destiny".

Hanzel und Gretyl claims that the conflict between Lupie and Kallas' Gemini and Canver birth signs (respectively), cause a birre electro-magnetic energy while the two were in the studio, energy that was of course, goverend by Uranus. "A lot of really strange things happened while we were recording" explains Kallas, "Like 'Helium Popcicles" wasn't going to be on the album at all, but the computer crashed while we were working on it, and when we got everything back to normal that's the wasy it came out." "Yeah, the music just seems to build itself from fragments" Lupie relates "the computer is like a Ouija board....we are just a medium for this music"

Humble dislaimers aside, "Transmissions from Uranus" is masterfully assembled album. Vas Kallas' infectuous vocal delieverty rides on the careful balance of soundvites and orchestrated guitars that are propelled forward byu throbbing bas and dance floor percussion. From the militart hio-hop of "Take me to your Leader" to the drum n' bass stylings of "StarFucker", Kallas sings, shouts and screams her way through the varied song strucued withe diversity and conviction.

Live performances by Hanzel und Gretyl have become antipated events in their native New York. This summert the band will take their show on the road, first to the mid-west and then cross-country. With their fresh take on industrial dance music and an unconventional combination of ethnic and electronic sound expect to hear Hanzel und Gretyl on the dance floor for a long time to come.