Hanson Albums

  • Anthem Album (6/18/2013)
    Fired Up
    I've Got Soul
    You Can't Stop Us Now
    Get The Girl Back
    Already Home
    For Your Love
    Lost Without You
    Cut Right Through Me
    Scream And Be Free
    Tragic Symphony
    (Encore) Save Me From Myself

  • Shout It Out Album (6/8/2010)
    Waiting For This
    Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
    Kiss Me When You Come Home
    Carry You There
    Give A Little
    Make It Out Alive
    And I Waited
    Use Me Up
    These Walls
    Musical Ride
    Voice In The Chorus
    Me Myself And I

  • The Walk Album (3/6/2007)
    Ngi Ne Themba (I Have Hope)
    The Great Divide
    Been There Before
    Watch Over Me
    Running Man
    Fire on The Mountain
    One More
    Blue Sky
    Tearing It Down
    Something Going Around
    Your Illusion
    The Walk
    In A Way
    I Am

  • The Best Of Hanson: Live And Electric Album (10/11/2005)
    Every Word I Say
    Where's The Love
    Look At You
    Strong Enough to Break
    I Will Come To You
    Hand In Hand
    In A Little While
    Penny & Me
    This Time Around
    Rock n Roll Razorblade
    If Only
    A Song To Sing

  • Underneath Album (4/20/2004)
  • Underneath Acoustic Album (8/8/2003)
  • This Time Around Album (5/9/2000)
  • Live From Albertane-Hanson Tour Album (11/3/1998)
  • 3 Car Garage Album (5/5/1998)
  • Snowed In Album (11/18/1997)
  • Middle of Nowhere Album (5/5/1997)
  • MMMBop Album (3/1/1996)
  • Boomerang Album (3/1/1995)

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    Reviews about Hanson albums

    shady pants | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Shout It Out performed by Hanson

    Although I have a soft spot for Middle of Nowhere because it came out when I was ten and it was the soundtrack to my summer that year, a more mature me is just as in love with Shout it Out because of its more mature sound. It's great to see that these boys are still successful after so many years. Can't wait to see them live during the Canaduian Shout it Out tour. Cheers!

    hanson | Reviewer: dsdf
        ------ About the album The Best Of Hanson: Live And Electric performed by Hanson

    Middle of Nowhere is the third album by American pop/rock group Hanson, and the first to be released on a major label. Released in 1997, it features slicker songwriting and production than their previous indie efforts Boomerang and MMMBop.

    The album was generally well received by critics. Middle of Nowhere spawned 5 hits: "MMMBop", "Where's the Love", "I Will Come to You", "Weird", and "Thinking of You".

    Help me find it... | Reviewer: Margaret Ann O'Neill
        ------ About the album Boomerang performed by Hanson

    I'd love to be able to write a review for the album if only I could find it. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this vintage album? (Preferably on CD or cassette)

    Thanks so much,
    Margaret Ann

    Great music | Reviewer: Megan
        ------ About the album The Walk performed by Hanson

    This album is the best yet. I recommend it to everyone who likes Hanson. From there first album to this one you can see the change of their music. So if you don't have this album you need to get it. Beside it helps the kids in Africa.

    Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Kammie Barraza
        ------ About the album The Walk performed by Hanson

    Besides being the most GORGEOUS MEN in the entire world, they have the most AMAZING voices ever their just beautiful! Taylor's voice is so unique an WOW!!! Zach is OMG SEXY!!his voice is Amazing and beautiful!! Isaac has a great rocker voice and COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!!
    The Walk is the GREATEST ALBUM EVER!!! Go is my favorite song ever!!


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