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The first punk rock single ever made in Finland was
recorded by a band called Briard which was formed by only
fourteen years old Andy McCoy & Pete "Räkä” Malmi in 1976.
Briard released four singles during the next three years
and one album few years afterwards. The most famous Briard
songs were the first single I Really Hate Ya, and the
second one Fuck The Army. On the Briard's last year Andy's
schoolmate and principal's son Nasty Suicide joined the
band. Nasty's first appearance on a record was Briard's
Rockin' On The Beach single's More...

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Review about Hanoi Rocks songs
not good translation from english to finnish | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Million Miles Away (aka Never Get Enough) performed by Hanoi Rocks

It really sucks,when peoples don't listening lyrics, and find out what Michael sings, so these translations is from there, where never ever sun shines!! Ou F*ck. Piriot.

Fallen angel | Reviewer: atlantic records
    ------ About the song Fallen Star performed by Hanoi Rocks

Ive worked many years for Atlantic records,during that time Skid Row Sebastian Bach then just 20 had a rarely seen wife from europe called Kymille,she was just so beautiful Armet took photographs of her,that day she mentioned Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks and Sebastian never disclosing she was Bachs wife as she thought it may ruin his career.

i agree wiith trevorr | Reviewer: maya
    ------ About the song Don't You Ever Leave Me performed by Hanoi Rocks

trevor im the same as you, iv just turned 15 and im listning to pretty much all the same bands and more older stuff.

I talk to my dad about music because i like loads of stuff from whenn he was sorta young.
I doubt if i have kids they will ever talk to me about the music from my time because its all so crap.

great song | Reviewer: trevor
    ------ About the song Don't You Ever Leave Me performed by Hanoi Rocks

my band holly wood wants to do a cover of this song its a ausome song theres no more bands like hanio rocks any more now its just like the jonas brotehrs and all that shit im 14 years old and i listen to music thats older then my self like motley crue guns n roses hanoi rocks la guns faster pussycat and music like that i wish these guys would make a new album

amen indeed... | Reviewer: aliya
    ------ About the song Better High performed by Hanoi Rocks

i kinda wonder at this song. just look at the two of them and then look at the lyrics of the song...doesn't really fit, does it? lmao

it's a good song though :D

typo on lyrics (Hanoi Rocks - 11th street kids) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song 11th Street Kids performed by Hanoi Rocks

this part:
"I wonder what is wrong
Please, tell me what is wrong!"

should be in this way;
"I wonder what went wrong,
please, tell me what went wrong"

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