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On a warm night in June, 1949, with his first number one
record spilling out of radios across the country, a frail
young man walked onto the stage of Nashville's Ryman
Auditorium for his Grand Ole Opry debut. Behind him lay
nearly a decade of struggle and rejection in pursuit of
this goal; ahead, a little more than five years in the

By 1953, literally worn out at twenty-nine, Hank Williams
was gone. But he had given country music much of its
standard repertoire, a new definition of stardom and a
legend so enduring that he More...

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Review about Hank Williams songs
Tears in our eyes | Reviewer: Skip B.
    ------ About the song I'M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY performed by Hank Williams

I was in the studio when BJ Thomas recorded I'm so lonesome I could cry, and I think everyone there had tears in their eyes.
I like Hank's version, but BJ's is the best!

First Year Blues | Reviewer: John Beevis
    ------ About the song FIRST YEAR BLUES performed by Hank Williams

I have been a Hank Williams Fan for many years, I was born in 1940 so grew up listening to Hank, in fact he is a particular hero of mine and, I thought I new all his songs and, indeed performed a lot of them but, I have never heard him sing this until I found it here. Fantastic, it is a sentiment that a lot of men can identify with I'm sure! I now have to go rummaging through old record shops in search of a copy.

The Funeral sang by Hank Williams Sr. | Reviewer: Bruce Williams
    ------ About the song THE FUNERAL performed by Hank Williams

I heard this song some 30 years ago. I am a Black man. I don't see racism in the song. I see the death of a child. And the observations of a man. I see love and feel a loss just for hearing the song. I feel the pain the parents must feel and the sorrow of the child not having his parents with him even in heaven. So to all that want to put any negative to the song it is a song of feeling. When I hear the part crushed undying race. I feel proud ,in the past we were hung,shot and just killed for sport. We were crushed but yet Undying. and we still live on so to me that is a line to be proud of not have anger for saying it. I still say for every thing that life have in it Hank Williams had a song to talk about it he was a great song writer. And a great artist so don't try and take away from that. For Ever Let Us Pray

Seeking a copy of the music and lyrics for "A Tramp on the Street" | Reviewer: Steve Tebbets
    ------ About the song THE TRAMP ON THE STREET performed by Hank Williams

A friend of mine would like me to accompany him on piano while he sings "A Tramp on the Street". I have been able to find lyrics and chords, but cannot find the music or a source for the sheet music for the song. Please contact me if you can help with a copy of the music for this song. Thank you so much! God's blessings, Steve Tebbets

I remember Hank | Reviewer: Jheri
    ------ About the song THE TRAMP ON THE STREET performed by Hank Williams

Few people realize how deeply religious Hank Williams was; they know only his hell-raising side and, maybe, a little of his music. Hank did not record only this one beautiful gospel song; he wrote and/or recorded many others in his amazing heart-felt manner, and he meant every word from the depths of his pain-ridden agonized soul.

I remember this song and many others; to my childish ears, (I was only eleven when the world -- and I -- lost him forever) he sounded like a messenger come straight from God to remind me not to forget, not to leave God out of my life. He understood, as few ever do, that God IS in the details; get those right and the big picture you will have painted without even noticing it will please both you and your God.

Anyone co-write this song? thought I met the guy! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain performed by Hank Williams

My son and I were in Nashville during Music Fest the year Willie Nelson was there...early 2000's Met a guy in Legends who said he wrote it, I thought, he was a really old guy, had his guitar case with him and his wife. They were from Canada. He even bought us a beer. He said Willie sang it and he was friends with Willie and he was there to see him. The band playing at the time even acknowledged this guy as having something to do with the song....I wonder now who it was, as I thought it was Fred Rose until I googled him and he died in the 50's

I wonder | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song HALF AS MUCH performed by Hank Williams

I wonder what a women should think... when her man says after five years ..of dating..and previously shares that i am a women that wants to be with him.. when comparing me to a one before... that struggled to commit to him...and once said she was the one... Says.. after listening to this song..That this song is like me singing to him.....

I saw the light | Reviewer: May A.
    ------ About the song I SAW THE LIGHT performed by Hank Williams

Trials . Sufferings . Arguing with the Word of God. Prayed that I will not obey but I felt no peace . Analyzed the Word . Questioning the Word. Finally Faith saved me. March 31 around 2 am I saw the light. God is real.His Word is alive . The Bible is alive. It's the book of life. All God wants is to surrender and give our burdens to him and He will lift you up. He will set you free . That is the reason why we live on earth to worship God and live for him . He is the way , the truth , and the life . Acknowledge him in all your ways and he will make our path straight. He bless us with peace and joy. Holy spirit is a gift from God . Humans are weak we need to hold on to the Word and pray constantly so we won't fall.

Beautiful and such a true song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song BE CAREFUL OF STONES THAT YOU THROW performed by Hank Williams

The first time I ever heard this song it was Porter Waggoner singing it and I cried......Today I brought it up on utube and listened to Hank Williams Sr. singing it ..........Altho Porters rendention was great ....Hanks is the most profound..........beautiful ....and I cried all over again. I remember my mamma listening to Hank when I was just a girl ....and she always cried when she listened.......I always wondered why .........now I know.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Every Day Believer
    ------ About the song I SAW THE LIGHT performed by Hank Williams

This is the first time I've heard about this song and all I did was read the lyrics! I've been looking for songs to sing in church, and I think I've got the one. When I read the lyrics I really felt as though the Father was pulsing all through my heart. The best is, because I know that that is true. Today God has been revealed through these ever perfect words. My question for all of you is;

Can you see the light?

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