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Shelton Hank Williams (born December 12, 1972 in Nashville,
Tennessee) is an American musician. He is sometimes
credited as Hank III, or even III.
The grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams
Jr, he spent much of his early years playing drums in punk
rock bands. In 1996, child support payments led Hank III to
sign a contract with Music City giant Curb Records. Three
Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts was issued shortly
thereafter, which brought the voices of all three
generations of Williams men together. While this may seem More...

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Review about Hank Williams III songs
Hank 3 rocks ass | Reviewer: Tim Vieburg
    ------ About the song Hellbilly performed by Hank Williams III

My only regret is that I didn't write this song myself...but only one person could...and he did. Thanks for summing up the REAL energy that is alive and well outside the human cesspools known as "big city life". If you don't get it...go spend some time in Boone County, W. Virginia, or perhaps 'heaven on earth' Tennessee! But however...beware...for one reason or another...you may never leave. Thanks III......YOU RULE! TJV MPLS.,MN

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Larry B. Okla.City
    ------ About the song Ghost To A Ghost performed by Hank Williams III

What a erie song that makes you feel cold and alone.
After you listen to it a few times and realize its his grandfather he is talking to about the trials and tribulations of his name and family then it almost becomes sureal,,,,great job hank,,,definitly 5 stars

WOOOOO!! | Reviewer: Casey Faulkenberg
    ------ About the song Country Heroes performed by Hank Williams III

this song is the shit plain and simple. hell my grandparents love all ur songs. ya need to come down to florida for a tour or w/e cuz ill gurrentee ya ill have an entire county there haha
keep makin ur music not what others want

What about the songwriter ? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wreck Of The Old '97 performed by Hank Williams III

why do Lyrics sites give credit to the recording artist, but hardly ever to the Songwriter ? This is America's first million-seller, and the Songwiter never got the fortune he deserved because someone pinched his song - the lawsuit which awarded him the money took so long he never collected the money. His name is David G. George, a telegraphist who visited the site of the wreckage of Old 97. Others have changed the lyrics, to shorten the song, repeat the phrase "he'll never return" and to sanitise it by removing the words "black" and "greasy" in describing the fireman. Well I try not to be racist but it's simply a fact that a lot of railway firemen were black, there's nothing racist about this lyric. I sing this song with it's original and best lyrics, and GIVE CREDIT TO THE WRITER.

wrong lyrics in THROWN OUT OF THE BAR | Reviewer: justin
    ------ About the song Thrown Out Of The Bar performed by Hank Williams III

the second part is wrong______I've done so much trip they can't look me in the eye
'cause I'm always tryin' to find that umltimate high
and I was hangin' out with my hero, his name is, uh, David Allan Coe
Well I was messed up bad, and he was messed up right
and me and him, well we almost got in a fight
but we ended up at this bar on the side of that road

listen and read the lyrics you'lllsee what i mean_

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Thunderstorms & Neon Signs performed by Hank Williams III

This song is great...one of my favorites

Boone County Blues | Reviewer: Roy Huff
    ------ About the song D Ray White performed by Hank Williams III

It is one of the first good old down home songs that I love to hear thank you so much r huff

Best Damn Sound I EVER Heard!!! | Reviewer: domonic lucero
    ------ About the song Hellbilly performed by Hank Williams III

My old lady turned me on to Hank III. I bought tickets for his show in VEGAS, I will never forget the old country sound that Hank3,joe buck and the Damn Band pumped into my head. It was old country sound with punk rock attitude. I listen to all types of music: punk rock Old country, rock and roll, whatever .but for the next 3 weeks all day every day , i never stoped playing Hanks, "Straight to Hell" c/d.I loved every song on it. I went and bought his other 2 c/d's and do you know what? There is not a song on any of these albums i dont like. I mean there all AWSOME songs!. I cant wait to see Hank3 and the Damn band live again. They Blew my mind!! Thanks for playing Music my Whole family can listen too.
Your music will play in my house for years to come. Thanks Hank3

domonic lucero-Vegas Baby!!

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