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Hank Thompson was perhaps the most popular Western swing
musician of the '50s and '60s, keeping the style alive with
a top-notch band, tremendous showmanship, and a versatility
that allowed him to expand his repertoire into romantic
ballads and hardcore honky tonk numbers. Born September 3,
1925, in Waco, TX, Henry William Thompson was the son of
immigrants from Bohemia and grew up idolizing Western swing
and country musicians like Bob Wills, Jimmie Rodgers, and
Gene Autry. He began learning harmonica and guitar as a
child, and More...

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Review about Hank Thompson songs
Songwriter Credit | Reviewer: Songwriter
    ------ About the song Blackboard Of My Heart performed by Hank Thompson

Excellent timeless song that continues to get attributed to Hank Thompson. He was indeed the performer of the song but Lyle Gaston, not Hank Thompson, wrote the song.

let me call you seetheart | Reviewer: Carol
    ------ About the song Let Me Call You Sweetheart performed by Hank Thompson

Who wrote the original lyrics to this song? My grandmother wrote a song, with the title (let me call you sweetheart). She never had it published. This was back in the early 1900's. Her name was Hennerietta Newman.

uncle Daves song | Reviewer: June
    ------ About the song Blackboard Of My Heart performed by Hank Thompson

My uncle sang this song evey new year. I intended to look up this song to see how old it was. It's not as old as I thought
in 1960 I would have 12yars and it seemed like I remember him
sing it when I was much younger than that I've never heard anyone
in my 66years ever sing it besides my Uncle. He obviously liked
it since he sang it every year until he died. He was my Dads brother and very special to me. God bless him.
he was

Blue Skirt Waltz | Reviewer: Debra Slayton Hansen
    ------ About the song Blue Skirt Waltz performed by Hank Thompson

Blue Skirt Waltz is the first song I remember hearing on the radio before television in 1949 I didn't know it was performed by Hank Thompson. I just thought it was a beautiful song & wonder if 1949 is the date it was recorded & played on radio stations.

Comedic Relief | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Whoa Sailor performed by Hank Thompson

The first time I heard this song, I loved it!! And to my recollection, I only heard it within the last two weeks or so. Hank definitely had a hit on his hands with this one. Great song, GREATER SINGER! I sure miss him. And I recently heard him sing with Jr. Brown - GREAT STUFF!!

Vers luisant | Reviewer: sprite
    ------ About the song Glow-Worm performed by Hank Thompson

The link was sent to me by a Renku poet, when I contributed a verse about glow worms. We reminised on the glow worms of our childhood; mine, being French, were 'vers luisants'.

It is nice to discover one another culture this way. Such a hearty and light song, it put sunshine on my day.

Great Memory | Reviewer: Beverly W.
    ------ About the song Glow-Worm performed by Hank Thompson

When I was a small girl, my Mom would sing this song to me (not ALL the lyrics) and I always loved it. I was reading an article in National Geographic regarding fireflies and suddenly the song came back to me. The song is wonderful and I am so happy I found this site and the lyrics. I'm sending copies to my sisters tomorrow. Our Mom passed in 2003, but she would have really been pleased to see all the lyrics to the song. Thanks for the memory!!

down yonder | Reviewer: margaret e hill
    ------ About the song Down Yonder performed by Hank Thompson

it was a lady who played it on the grand ole opry.
her first name was dale or dell, but i cannot remember her last name. i want the lyrics, do you have them?

little rosewood casket | Reviewer: june bolling
    ------ About the song Little Rosewood Casket performed by Hank Thompson

thers alittle rosewwod casket,setting on amarble stand... and its full of my love letters writing by my true loves hand...

CORRECTED LYRICS blue skirt waltz | Reviewer: carol
    ------ About the song Blue Skirt Waltz performed by Hank Thompson

I was waltzing with someone new, I heard an accordian play...I saw through a haze of blue, like it was yesterday...You were the beautiful lady in blue, I was in Heaven just waltzing with you...(etc. like you have it written. I waltzed to this in 1954 and sang it to my dancing partner.)

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