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Clarence Eugene "Hank" Snow was born on May 9th, 1914 in
the sleepy fishing village of Brooklyn, Queens County, on
Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore, just down the tracks
from Liverpool.

As a boy, Hank faced many difficulties and shortcomings. He
had to face the trauma of his parents' divorce at just
eight years old and he was forced to stay with his
grandparents. He then had to deal with an abusive
grandmother who forbid him to see his mother. He regularly
sneaked out at night and walked the railroad tracks to
Liverpool where More...

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Review about Hank Snow songs
This is a real beautiful "Forever true" love song | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song A Daisy Day performed by Hank Snow

Most of us wish we could have this kind of love. Some of us do, some of
us can't, some of us let it slip past us, and some of us don't know that
we have it and don't recognize it.
Listen closely to the words by the writer and original singer of the song, Jud Strunk, if it don't bring tears to your eyes you don't understand love!

'My Old Man.' | Reviewer: CHRIS KINEALY
    ------ About the song Dangerous Dan Mcgrew performed by Hank Snow

My old father! 'God rest him' used to recite the poem of Dan
McGrew when he was in his cups. Reading it on the internet made me remember the Old Codger; dead these many years. A lovely, evocative poem and memories of; 'My Old Dad.'

Memories df Dangerous Dan Mc Grue | Reviewer: Rush
    ------ About the song Dangerous Dan Mcgrew performed by Hank Snow

This was my Dad's party piece in Ireland back in the fifties. What memories... This poem has such feeling that I can feel my dad's emotion as he recited the whole poem from beginning to end with emotion that we all felt and carry to this day.

Eileen Rush

Sadness | Reviewer: Stephen
    ------ About the song A Daisy Day performed by Hank Snow

Alas the love of my life is now gone. I foolishly let her slip through my fingers and now when I hear this beautiful song I think of her. Although she is not dead her love for me has died. I will give her a metaphorical daisy a day as I remember her for the rest of my life!!

Hank Snow - Artist and Gentleman | Reviewer: Bob White - The Saltwater Cracker
    ------ About the song I'm Glad I'm On The Inside (looking Out) performed by Hank Snow

Hanks' work is among the very best ever heard in the music industry.
His artistry with the flat top, his beautiful baritone voice, and the
breath of his work make him, at least to me, one of the top country artist
of all times.

    ------ About the song Dangerous Dan Mcgrew performed by Hank Snow

A lovely poem full of life, bitterness, tenderness and with a desperately unhappy though realistic ending; my old Dad used to recite this poem when he was in his cups; the lyrics certainly brought back many memories. Thanks a million; incidentaly I went to the Canadian Rockie some years ago and shot a 300lbs stag and this poem certainly fitted that safari to a tee.

love for my wife | Reviewer: for weila wu
    ------ About the song A Daisy Day performed by Hank Snow

i love my wife so much every fibre of my being, but alas, she seems to have stopped loving me.... yesterday, we spoke at length and there seems to be no way she will ever come back to me again, be by my side, sleep in our bed together. Feels me with sadness that numbs me from deep within.... she and I were a love for the ages too, dancing every sat night for nearly 11 years, doing everything together, helping each other grow and develop into better persons. Before I realized what was happening, it was too late.... Now the best dancer in Shanghai will no longer be with me.....

My thanks and gratitude for all His benififs towards me. | Reviewer: A Redeemed sinner
    ------ About the song He'll Understand And Say Well Done performed by Hank Snow

Knowing that Our God will understand and say well done after we've done our best is a comfort to the souul. There is nothing we can give Him for all that He has done for us, so we can only give Him our best and say "Thank You Jesus!"

Golden Rivwr | Reviewer: Lolalee Hemingway Dillingham
    ------ About the song Golden River performed by Hank Snow

I love this song Golden River.... My dad named me" Lolalee" after this song he loved to sing..I have been looking for the lyrics and music for it for years---was so pleased I found it---
Hank Snow was my favorite country artist as I grew up...I was born in 1942 and country music is my love & passion....
I sing & play Bass .
Thanks for sharing Hank's music ....God Bless you
Lolalee Hemingway Dillingham


dear lord remember me | Reviewer: nathan
    ------ About the song Dear Lord Remember Me performed by Hank Snow

the song i want is not these,but was as follows on a 78rpm record sung by bernard thomas jack swink organist and with the evangelistic trio..if any one has this please send tothe internet so we all can get copies.thank you,and GOD bless.

p.s the 78 rpm record was zoe records

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