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Birthday: February 15
Birth Place: McLellan, Florida
Scottish Ancestor Captained Ship to Maine in 1700's
Also Irish
Mayor of McLellan - Honorary Title
Please Help Me I'm Falling: Billboard's First 100 Years
Number 2 Single
Send Me The Pillow You Dream On: BMI Million Player

Longevity tells the success of the Grand Ole Opry's Hank
Locklin. Whether you listened to him on Texas radio in the
1940s, on RCA Records during country music's golden age of
the 1950s, 60s and 70s, or even today on the Opry or
television commercials, Locklin's More...

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Review about Hank Locklin songs
How hold this must be | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mommy Please Stay Home With Me performed by Hank Locklin

I remember, as a little girl, my mother telling me of the time
she and daddy were going out one night. When they got into the
car and turned on the radio, this song was playing. She said
they just looked at each other, turned off the car, and went back
into the house. I am 72 years old now.

God bless Hank Locklin | Reviewer: John Pierce
    ------ About the song Country Hall Of Fame performed by Hank Locklin

Every time I hear this song it reminds me of when I was younger. My mom and dad used to listen to all these country singers on the radio. It always seems to take me back to a better time and better place.

Why Baby Why | Reviewer: Paul M
    ------ About the song Why Baby Why performed by Hank Locklin

I think this was one of his greatest sonds, I have listened to Country Music since I was 12 years old and love it still, I also love Bluegrass, Hank wrote some super songs that are still being sung today, but, not like he sang them.

if we had old ireland over here | Reviewer: gerard o'dwyer
    ------ About the song If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here performed by Hank Locklin

i like the song i think i want to haer it again just one more time its good beat so can you pelase so kind is to play that song from gerard o'dwyer

T for Texas | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song T For Texas (blue Yodel No.1) performed by Hank Locklin

I remember as a preschooler in the 1930z listening to my Mothers recorss by Jimmie Rodgers on an old windup phonograp I remember the last line said, "cause this Tennessee water tastes like turpentine

the country hall of fame ;; by Hank Locklin | Reviewer: johnny bencomo
    ------ About the song Country Hall Of Fame performed by Hank Locklin

The song is as I recall them ack in 1975, thanks for your country-bution to the world "OLD TIMERS"
like me who sing these wonderful "old songs.
Keep up te goooooooooood work.

Put me in your pocket 2nd verse | Reviewer: Marshall Buckallew
    ------ About the song Put Me In Your Pocket performed by Hank Locklin

That evening soon was endedher lover went away
But when at last he did return for their happy wedding day
His sweetheart she was absent to heaven she had gone But she left for him this photogragh on ewhich was wrote this song
Put me in your pocket

please help im falling | Reviewer: sally
    ------ About the song Please Help Me I'm Falling performed by Hank Locklin

this song brought a tear to my eye............sally england

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