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Hangar Biography

Last updated: 03/25/2003 01:42:49 AM

The band was formed in November 1997 in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil, with the purpose of playing some heavy metal covers, but without great expectations.

With a sudden career, the band was soon discovered by the lovers of metal in Porto Alegre, and with one year the group did the opening show for the Angra concert in the State capital. After this event, the group felt that their compositions should be recorded in CD. They went into the studio still in November and released the CD Last Time in May 1999.

During the whole year of 1999, the CD Last Time would be divulged on the main Heavy Metal magazines around the country. All summaries about the CD in the media were very positive and brought immediate results in the sales of the CD.

The drummer, Aquiles Priester, was invited to support Tritone - a project of guitarrist Frank Solari (solo), along with Eduardo Ardanuy (Dr. Sin) and Sérgio Buss (Steve Vai/solo) and in January 2000 he was also invited to record the new ex-IRON MAIDEN Paul Di'Anno album, Nomad, which was released in May of the same year with a national tour, in which Hangar did the opening show in Porto Alegre and won the crowd.

The next CD is already being mixed and will be named Inside Your Soul. It was recorded in São Paulo at Creative Sound Studio (the same where Nomad - Paul Di'Anno was recorded).

The new thing for this album is in the sonorous elements that the new guitarrist, Eduardo Martinez (ex-Panic), brought to the new compositions. On top of that, new keyboard arrays are being introduced and there is now a musical trilogy, The Massacre, which is about the discovery of a new Country. The new CD is going to be much heavier, faster and more carefully crafted than the previous, Last Time.

During November 2000, beyond the recording of their own album and some concerts in São Paulo, the band took part in a project called Hamlet - Shakespeare, from the Die Hard label from São Paulo, which is gathering the most important Heavy Metal bands in Brazil to play with the famous theme, in all new songs composited by the bands. The CD is intended to leave Brazil during the first half of 2001.

The greatest news for the band happened in March 2001, when Aquiles Priester was announced officially the new drummer from Angra (greatest representative of the brazilian Melodic Heavy Metal in the world). They have released two records and they promisse to go a lot longer...