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Linkin Park Hands Held High Lyrics

Last updated: 11/10/2011 10:00:00 AM

Turn my mic up louder I got to say something
Light weights step to the side when we come in

Feel it in your chest the syllables get pumping
People on the street they panic and start running

Words on loose leaf sheet complete coming
I jump in my mind and summon the rhyme, I'm dumping

Healing the blind I promise to let the sun in
Sick of the dark ways we march to the drum and

Jump when they tell us that they wanna see jumping
Fuck that I wanna see some fists pumping

Risk something, take back what's yours
Say something that you know they might attack you for

Cause I'm sick of being treated like I have before
Like it's stupid standing for what I'm standing for

Like this war's really just a different brand of war
Like it doesn't cater the rich and abandon poor

Like they understand you in the back of the jet
When you can't put gas in your tank

These fuckers are laughing their way to the bank and cashing the cheque
Asking you to have compassion and have some respect

For a leader so nervous in an obvious way
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay

And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day
In their living room laughing like "what did he say?"


In my living room watching but I am not laughing
Cause when it gets tense I know what might happen

World is cold the bold men take action
Have to react or get blown into fractions

Ten years old it's something to see
Another kid my age drugged under a jeep

Taken and bound and found later under a tree
I wonder if he had thought the next one could be me

Do you see the soldiers they're out today
They brush the dust from bullet proof vests away

It's ironic at times like this you pray
But a bomb blew the mosque up yesterday

There's bombs in the buses, bikes, roads
Inside your market, your shops, your clothes

My dad he's got a lot of fear I know
But enough pride inside not to let that show

My brother had a book he would hold with pride
A little red cover with a broken spine

On the back, he hand-wrote a quote inside
When the rich wage war it's the poor who die

Meanwhile, the leader just talks away
Stuttering and mumbling for nightly news to replay

And the rest of the world watching at the end of the day
both scared and angry like "what did he say?"

[Chorus x6]

With hands held high into the sky so blue,
As the ocean opens up to swallow you.

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Open up to Everything! | Reviewer: Akash | 11/10/11

I'd like to state 3 things here...

1) The lyrics are awesome and fit the tempo and the song exactly and perfectly.
2) There's a lot of bad shit happening around the globe today and we can do nothing but write our views as reviews for some songs that make us remember that shit once again.
3) If someone has to take action, it should be us. The decision is of the ones who sacrifice themselves or their beloved ones. Weakness is death and power is life. So...better be a stronger person and do something than be a weaker person and watch everything!

Seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

Ok so first off,all those people who talked about 9/11 can just shut up and enjoy the damn song. Like some other people have mentioned,this is where you post reviews on the god damn song not type hour long speeches on how full of crap Bush or Obama was. Enjoy the damn Linkin Park song that they made for your amusment and not so you can type away on your computer to go on about America and the law and all that bull shit. Linkin Park is awesome,I love this song. So awesome.

From A Chils Perspective | Reviewer: Tay B | 1/28/10

This song speaks about the truth behind the war - not the victories, but how it affects the people who aren't on the fronts fighting, the way it affects the people who know their family is out there fighting. It speaks about how the people who are making the decisions - the people who are making decisions about whose lives are put on the line, who make that decision for someone else - is not the one who will die in the end. That person is not the one who gets shot on the battlefeild because of their own decision.
Because when the rich - either in money or military status - wage a war, when they start a fight, they are not the ones who suffer.
It is the other people - the civilians, the population of their country and the soldiers who suffer.
A war affects countries. It can tear them apart.

meaning of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

i think the song has some meaning to it. that the govern ment sends soldiers in to war to protect them selfs. in the song it says "when the rich wage war it's the poor who die" it means the government is the rich and our sodiers are ones who die and not to meantion the inacint people over the sea in iraq afganastan wherever they are. so live on LP, fall crash and burn our stupid "PRESIDENT" obma (LIER!)

well, i'm not saying i support bush | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

or anything like that, but... bush sent the troops out there to keep the war from coming over here... and i thank him for that, so get off his nutts. and i think it's ridiculous how the soldiers complain about being shipped out when they were the ones that signed up for the army. my brother is in iraq right now, he's happy to be out there trying to be a hero. i support him 100% and everyone of those troops out there.
bush did some stupid shit when he was younger but hey so did our good president Obama. so stop passing judgement on bush.

God Damn It! And my opinnion on the song | Reviewer: Sikaru | 9/24/09

Guys This it a place where you post a comment on a song, not about who the is ressponsible for whatever happened. Go somewhere else if you want to talk about that shit.

I love this Song. It makes me think.

Long Live Linkin Park

wow | Reviewer: that guy | 3/21/09

the band is beastly and i don't know about the rest of you but i know what the lyrics mean and before you go and say you know everything why don't you brush up on your history, enjoy the music and get on with your lives. its not meant to cause wars its just a goddamn song for christ sakes

come on you guys | Reviewer: godfollowerr | 3/9/09

this is not the place to talk about your problems, this is the place to talk about the song. So save your crap for yourself. by the way I think it is in order here to prove to you all god is real if you can prove his nonexistence I will mail you 5 dollars.

Goddamn Retards | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

You dumbasses who supported the shit-for-brains president (who is, thankfully, out of office now) need to get with the Goddamn program. THE TROOPS IN IRAQ ARE BEING CALLED ON TO HANDLE FUCKING DOMESTIC CRIMES AND DISPUTES! WE ARE JUST THEIR FUCKING DOMESTIC LAW ENFORCEMENT FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me asher, you are the biggest dumbass of them all if you think that 9/11 was Hussein and Iraq.

This song speaks the truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

This song really speaks the truth about this so called "War on Terror" bullcrap. Bush was a very slow-minded person with shit for brains and definitely the worst choice for President of these United States of America(I mean COME ON! HE USED TO(supposedly) DO CRACK FOR CHRIST SAKES!). As Mike says in the song, "When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die." Hopefully Obama follows through with pulling the troops out of Iraq. Let them handle their own crap. If they break into a civil war, well then whoop-dee-flippin'-doo for them. They can handle it themselves. WE SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR OSAMA BIN-LADEN NOT SERVING AS IRAQ'S POLICE FORCE! You can handle yourselves you big frickin' wussies!