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This is a call to arms,
Will you stand beside me?
This is our time to fight
No more compromising
And this blackened heart will sing
For sad solidarity

Halo over our demise
Following a god so blind
Sallow in their sickening
Swallow not, the shit they feed

This is a right to life,
Not the Religious Right’s act
This is abortion’s knife,
Aiming at the wombs of
The Christian conspiracy
So open thine eyes and see, the

Halo over our demise
Following a god so blind
Sallow in their sickening
Swallow not, the shit they feed

Our time will come, our time will come
Our time is now, our time is now

[Solo: Demmel, Flynn & Demmel]

And I won’t pray for you


Halo over our demise
Following a god so blind
Sallow in their sickening
Swallow not, the shit they feed

Fraud set me free

The words will never hold us down
Prayers won’t be spared on you
Satisfaction denied
‘Til you’re dead and gone
Dead and gone!
You’re gone!

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@ MDMOJO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

Stop spreading your liberal jibber jabber. If metal is about bucking the trends (which it isn't, it's about the music), then why should we all feel obligated to follow your liberal ideas? I'm a conservative metalhead, and I also believe in God. It doesn't affect which bands I listen to. How can you tell people that metal is about not doing what everyone else does, and then proceed to tell us that metalheads should be doing what every other metalhead does? Well I'm not a drunken, misguided, stoned, drop out. Just because I listen to metal doesn't mean I'm any of those things, nor does it mean that I have to be a proponent of strict gun laws, gay marriage, opening the boarders, and giving away the money of the rich to people who didn't work hard enough to make it to the top. Metal is about the music, not the politics. Their are plenty of metal bands with conservatives in them, maybe you're too focused on doing the opposite of everyone else than listening to the music to realize this.

Reply to "religion has no place..." | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/11

I'm conservative in most political views. I also believe in God, and love metal as much as the next guy. Sure, metal is rebellious by nature, that doesn't mean we have to be proponents over-taxing the rich, strict gun laws, and abortion (although I am pro-choice). If metal is about bucking the trends then why do metalheads all have to have the same views? Metal for me is about the music and how it makes me feel. I don't feel obligated to blindly follow what my favorite bands write songs about. If I agree with them, great. If not, then i still will listen to them. Metal is more about individuality and not being coerced into beliefs than going against society, although the most important thing will always be the music.

Religion has no place in Metal | Reviewer: MDMOJO | 9/7/11

Metal is all about bucking the trends, going against the grain, turning left when everyone says to turn to the right. I don't understand how religious zealots, or even just mildly religious folk, can rectify it within themselves to also be part of our subculture. What's more are those who lack politics when metal is so sure-footed in rebellion. How are fans of metal conservative?! I don't get it. The religious right don't understand us, don't want to understand us, wouldn't give a squirt of piss for us if we were on fire, yet so many of our "family" continue to get blinded by discussions about guns, race and economics which acutally go against our own best interests. The masses can think metalheads are a bunch of misguided, drunken, stoned, idiot drop-outs, it's better if they do - they'll underestimate us - but we have to make sure that we ARE educated, literate and knowledgable. Read! Get informed! Think about the big picture! But don't forget your metal roots!

You are all hilarious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

It's awesome to see how our instincts lead us to debate...to WAR! If you are truly a metal fan posting on here, you can love the words or hate them, it doesn't really matter...it's about the MUSIC...can you believe that SOLO! It's so epic just makes you want to sing along. Check out the Live performance in HD on Youtube, it's amazing. For those of us who love the debate, who love the war surrounding religious freedom, I think this song is for us..hands down. Play it again, Please!!!

To the lol guy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

I think before you before you point the finger and accuse someone else look back at the three that point towards you. Atheism is a religion no matter what way you look at it. YOU, sir, are nicely brainwashed. People constantly think that religion = god(s)/deities. It doesn't religion is nothing more than a way of life, a doctrine followed. As proof, will you tell me that those who believe in Confucianism or LaVeyan Satanism have no religion? Simply because there is not a 'god' or deity.

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/11

you sir are an idiot robb is an outspoken atheist this song is very clearly anti religion hes not talking about believing in god are u high "swallow not the shit they feed" how is that pro religion "following a god so blind". clearly pro religion u sir are nicely brainwashed.

Hah | Reviewer: Nansho | 4/14/11

This song is a masterpiece ... it's great to the point that made atheists love it :P

a word to the atheists and agnostics :

You think bands like these write what they mean ? DIRECTLY ?

haha then they shouldn't be a metal band.

They're talkin about the opposite of atheists and agnostics, they're talkin about the greatness of god, if you were a scholar ( and i know u're not that's why u're an atheist ) you will believe that behind each word in this song there is a secret ... for you the "FREEDOM" to think about ... that's what the song is talkin about .. god , and his wisdom when he gave us the freedom of choice

Halo | Reviewer: chris | 1/25/11

i think this song is about how all the religions are becoming more of a "Hey, look at me, look at how big we are" thing, and trying to commercialize themselves (religion). I myself am a devout christian, and believe its not how u look or dress but what ur being taught that matters.

well... | Reviewer: Zach | 1/7/11

"Many people ask, 'If God existed, then why so much war, so much pain, so much hate, so much despair?'

Well, because to establish mankind as one of His most prized creations, God blessed man with what is one of his biggest gifts... and yet his biggest responsibility. Do you know what gift I'm talking about?

*Freedom of choice.*

When you understand the value of such a responsibility, you will never ask such a question."

The problem of evil is *not* proof that God doesn't exist.
No, because God gave everyone a choice; even Satan. Satan abused that freedom of choice and made the choice to convince himself that he was better than God... thus, getting kicked out of Heaven.

God gave us that same freedom of choice.

Why didn't God stop Satan?
God doesn't want us to be robots who are programmed to know only one thing: follow Him.
He wanted us to be able to make our own decisions, and not just be mindless robots.
Why does God give Satan all this power?
Satan only has as much power as God permits. In the long run, God has already won. Satan knows this, that's why he tries so hard.

I can't make you believe. But I can sure try by telling you the Truth. It's your decision to accept or decline.

At least when you stand before God when you die, you can't say that nobody told you....

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/10

I don't care if it is against religion, it's still a fantastic song, and to those who say Robb Flynn is an immature bigoted moron, then they need to realise that the amount of intelligence poured into this song more than counters the meaning, whilst I am religious myself it would be ridiculous to say that none of what this song portrays is true, religion itself has become a totalitarian and opressive movement. That aside, this is still a fantastic song

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