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Alice Cooper Halo Of Flies Lyrics

Last updated: 03/20/2014 05:52:27 AM

I got the answers to all of your questions if you've got the money to pay me in gold
I will be living in old Monte Carlo and you will be reading the secrets of soul
Daggers and contacts and bright shiny limos I've got a watch that turns into a lifeboat
Glimmering nightgowns poisonous as cobras silencer under the heel of my shoe
The elegance of China they sent her to lie here on her back
But as she deeply moves me she'd rather shoot me in my tracks
And while a middle Asian lady she really came as no surprise
But I still did destroy her and I will smash halo of flies
I crossed the ocean where no one could see and I put a time bomb in your submarine
Goodbye to old friends the secret's in hand with full need of papers and counterfeit plans
You never will understand

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ahead of their time | Reviewer: Shane | 3/20/14

the original cooper line-up deserves credit for this sprawling yet very cohesive cinematic rocker. Featuring many tempo & chord shifts, great dynamics & melodic suspense. All percolating along with the punch & growl that was all over the killer album.

Correct Lyrics | Reviewer: joseph monaco | 7/5/13

I've got the answers to all of your questions, if youv'e got the money to pay me in gold.
I would be living in old monte carlo if you,'d only read my secrets i sold. Daggers and contracts and bright shiney limos, I've got a watch that turns into a lifeboat,Glimmering nightgowns with voices like cobras, while silence is under the heels of my shoes.Deep in the gates of china, the're sent there to lie upon their backs,but as she deeply moved me, She'd rather shoot me in my back.There was a middle asian lady,she really came to me as no surprise, But I still did destroy her, And I will smash Halo of Flies....I crossed the ocean where noone could see, And I put a timebomb in your submarine,Goodbye to old friends, se,ee,ee,crets in hand. With full need of paper, and counterfeit plans,You never will understand.