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Halo Friendlies Biography

Last updated: 04/16/2003 05:24:18 AM

Rock and roll requires more than just a pretty face - The Halo Friendlies know that it takes a pretty face AND the chops to rival any of the boys. Get ready to be rocked by a bunch of girls.... Judita, Ginger, Natalie, and Christina.

Los Angeles based Halo Friendlies have made a huge progression and are following up their early indie releases with a sizzling full length called "Get Real" that features twelve incredible built-for-speed anthems, expertly produced by the legendary Kim Shattuck, lead singer and guitarist for the Muffs.

They hooked up with Kim through their manager, Elyse Rogers, who you might recognize as the singer/manager of Dance Hall Crashers, seminal female fronted band started in the early 90s. "I met the Halo Friendlies when they opened for Rancid in Las Vegas a couple years ago. I got there early to catch them because Mike from MxPx told me he thought I'd like them, and he was right," Elyse says. "As for choosing Kim to produce, I've always found that producers who are also musicians have an easier time of communicating a vision to a band. I thought that between Kim's amazing musical ability and the fact that she's out of her mind, she would make a great producer for the Halo Friendlies."

The Halo Friendlies presented Kim with a lot of talent to work with in the first place. Following up the emotionally spot-on rock songs from their "Acid Wash" EP with the fresh, sleek material they've perfected live recently, Judita , Natalie, and Ginger play guitars with tiger intensity and sing like the smart, cool, young ladies they are, while drummer Christina slams the point across as hard as any of the guys.

The Halo Friendlies have been influenced by several very different bands - The Beatles and Elvis Costello on one hand, Sleater Kinney and The Breeders on the other. These disparate influences have helped them to create their own style made up of rock, punk, and pop elements.

Judita finds it ludicrous that they have to emphasize the fact that they play their own instruments and write their own songs. "Being an all girl band has opened some doors before for us, but has closed others," she says.

The Halo Friendlies are determined to prove just how great (and legitimate) an all female rock band can be.

The Halo Friendlies returned for the second straight year on the Warped Tour this past summer, which followed a recently completed Eastern European tour in April and May. In the past, they've also toured with No Use For A Name, Tilt, and Squad 5-0, and have done many shows with Rancid, MxPx and Dance Hall Crashers. And we certainly can't forget their performance of "Runaway" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer last year.

This fall the girls will be supporting Good Charlotte for a three week tour on the east coast. Their video for “Sellout” is currently on regular rotation on MTV2, MuchMusic and several regional video shows across the country as well as foreign markets.

"Get Real" raises the bar for rock bands and creates a new level for aggressive but melodic rock and roll. The band has been working hard in the underground, and now is the chance to catch them with Good Charlotte, checkout their latest album, and enjoy some high quality songwriting and playing from four extraordinarily talented musicians.