Hallows Eve Albums

  • Evil Never Dies Album (5/14/2005)
    Monkey's Paw
    Technicolour Roadkill
    Looking Glass
    Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth
    Vampires Drink Deep
    Evil Never Dies
    The Ballad Of Mortuary Harry

  • Monument Album (3/23/1988)
    Speed Freak
    Sheer Heart Attack
    Rot Gut
    Monument (To Nothing)
    Pain Killer
    The Mighty Decibel
    The Righteous Ones
    No Sanctuary

  • Death And Insanity Album (3/22/1986)
    Death And Insanity
    Goblet Of Gore
    Lethal Tendencies
    Plea Of The Aged
    D.I.E. (Death In Effect)
    Nobody Lives Forever
    Death And Insanity (Reprise)

  • Tales Of Terror Album (3/22/1985)
    Plunging To Megadeath
    Outer Limits
    The Mansion
    There Are No Rules
    Valley Of The Dolls
    Metal Merchants
    Hallows Eve (Including Routine)

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