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Halifax is...
Chris: Guitar

The Halifax everyone has come to love has done some
reconstructing these past few months. Since returning home
from tour, Halifax has got 2 new members. "We see what
happened as something for the best"responds any member in
the band when asked about the line up change. Formed in
late 2002 Halifax accomplished alot in their first 8
months. They signed to ECA records then quickly recorded
their first full length cd "Start back at start".Mid June
Halifax set More...

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Reviews about Halifax songs

idk what to say for a title.. :P | Reviewer: Kori
    ------ About the song I Hate Your Eyes performed by Halifax

I think your lyrics are very interesting, and hold understandable meanings. I admire your music, and a friend had let me listen to your music.. the first song I had ever heard and fell in love with was Hey Italy.
I enjoy your music, Keep Writing!

ii <3 this fucking zong!! | Reviewer: alTerngUrl
    ------ About the song Sydney performed by Halifax

wow... i <3 this song... its awesome!!.. BTW. if you listen the song in the acoustic version, it does says: " you dont even know my name".. xD.. halifax its so fucking cool!!!!!!!

nightmare | Reviewer: dinosour_girl
    ------ About the song Nightmare performed by Halifax

i luv this song.next time theye come to london im gonna go see them.the lead singer is fit as ow't.lovin_halifax.

change.... | Reviewer: josh
    ------ About the song Sydney performed by Halifax

Call me pathetic, call me what you will
Just please don't leave my side
You're so medicated
You don't even know my name
Well I'll bite my fingernails until it hurts no more
To dig you out, to dig you out

needs to say
"You Don't even remember my name"

listen to the song

sexy | Reviewer: shayla
    ------ About the song Better Than Sex performed by Halifax

This song is a great song especially when you hear it live. Halifax has produced yet another hit...

sweet band!! | Reviewer: kevin
    ------ About the song Nightmare performed by Halifax

nghtmare is a good song havent heard sydney jus heard about them love them!!

awesome | Reviewer: Andrew
    ------ About the song Nightmare performed by Halifax

I think this is one of the better bands out there. In my book i like them just as much as A7X.
This song though, it's one of there slower ones. It's still a good song, just not one of there better one.
But there're still awesome.

wow, good lyrics. | Reviewer: JayC
    ------ About the song Sydney performed by Halifax

at first i thought it was a girl that was in sydney and her cheating on her boyfriend etc etc the normal, but its actually about someone whos already dead. i love it. not that someone died but the way they placed/wrote their lyrics says they're are good. suprising? yep.

a thrilling song that hits home | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Under Fire performed by Halifax

a song that will draw you in a never spit you out its one of those listen to it over and over again song that you never get tired of

fucking dope | Reviewer: Sydney Sedmock
    ------ About the song Sydney performed by Halifax

i heard this song and thought it was fucking great but what made it better was finding out the title was my name. lol its my favorite song. :]]

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