Halifax Albums

  • A Writer's Reference Album
    A Writer's Reference
    I Hate Your Eyes
    Broken Glass Syndrome
    The Next Two Weeks
    Scarlet Letter Part 2

  • Start Back At Start Album
    Our Last Dance
    Name Your Price
    Ten Fingers Isn't Quite Enough
    Finished In A Day
    Here I Am
    Shoot Out
    Tuesday's Waiting
    Call All Your Reserves
    It's Late, I'm Up
    Cat's Game Ending

  • The Inevitability Of A Strange World Album (5/23/2006)
    Our Revolution
    Under Fire
    Anthem For Tonight
    Hey Italy
    Snow In Hollywood
    Such A Terrible Trend
    Better Than Sex
    Giant In The Ring
    Promise Me Tragedy
    A Tint Of Rain
    I Told You So
    Murder I Wrote

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