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Halifax Biography

Last updated: 04/21/2010 12:00:00 PM

Halifax is...
Chris: Guitar

The Halifax everyone has come to love has done some reconstructing these past few months. Since returning home from tour, Halifax has got 2 new members. "We see what happened as something for the best"responds any member in the band when asked about the line up change. Formed in late 2002 Halifax accomplished alot in their first 8 months. They signed to ECA records then quickly recorded their first full length cd "Start back at start".Mid June Halifax set off on their first national tour and believed it was very successful.Once returned to their homes Halifax began to have problems and that is when 2 of the origanol members were asked to leave the band..Now almost a year later its as though Halifax is starting from square one except with a national tour, a full length, and a fanbase extending allover the country. Where does the future have us heading... we do not know but soon we shall see.....

Thanks to Patrick for submitting the biography.