Halfwayhome Albums

  • A Brand New Subdivision Album (7/13/2004)
    For Tomorrow We Die
    Four Months Until The Swarm
    Contract With A Ghost
    Architect Of My Demise
    Ascension To Clarity
    A Pilot And A Bleeding Heart
    Open The Sky
    The Truth Can Be A Brutal Business
    On The Passing Of Fairytale Heroes
    Ignited Eyes And Cyanide
    As The Moment Passes By

  • Let's Start This Over Album (6/8/2004)
    What Part Of Forever Don't You Understand?
    As The Moment Passes By
    I Can't Hear You Whisper
    End Over
    Victory At Five
    Crushed By The Best Texas Ever Had To Offer
    As I Lay Dying
    My Best Chaser
    Number One With A Bullet

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