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Halfwayhome Biography

Last updated: 08/04/2004 09:05:25 PM

Orange County is the current hot spot for the best in TV drama. Proving That there is more than nose jobs and betrayal in the OC, Southern California’s newest success Halfwayhome is gearing up to release “A Brand New Subdivision” on upstart label, The Death Scene. Forming just over two years ago Halfwayhome has quickly Carved out their spot in their respective scene. Their debut release "Let's Start This Over" was released through fellow Orange County label, Criterion Records home of Big Blue Monkey. You may know them better under their current moniker, Story of the Year. Criterion helped to give Halfwayhome the running start they needed as the album was later picked up by Wynona Records. In the summer of 2002 Halfwayhome was able to hop on to two weeks of the Warped Tour. They were quickly building a stalwart fan base city by city. One of those fans was Angel Juarbe music industry dude and soon to be founder of his own label. The band spent most of 2003 shopping around for a new label and the next step in their career. The band continued touring and was able to share the stage with bands such as Finch, Story of the Year, Thursday, and Sugarcult. The need for a new label and new release was becoming more and more apparent. before long their good friend, fan, and confidante Angel Juarbe decided to start a label whose sole purpose was to release the full-length release for Halfwayhome, and so The Death Scene was born. Jump to March 2004 and HalfwayHome enters the studio and produces their newest release, “A Brand New Subdivision.” It is a fiery album filled with one hook-laden song after another. Their tales of growing pains, personal loss, and memories of better days will grab you and burrow their way into your heart. On July 13th the release of “A Brand New Subdivision” will begin a new chapter for our soon to be heroes, Halfwayhome. They can be seen on tour throughout 2004. Be sure to watch as this young band sets the stage ablaze in a town near you.