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Nirvana Half The Man I Used To Be Lyrics

Last updated: 03/21/2014 06:49:22 PM

Music by R. DeLeo/Words by Weiland, R. DeLeo

Forward yesterday
Makes me wanna stay
What they said was real
Makes me wanna steal
Livin' under house
Guess I'm livin', I'm a mouse
All's I gots is time
Got no meaning, just a rhyme

Take time with a wounded hand
'Cause it likes to heal
Take time with a wounded hand
Guess I like to steal

I'm half the man I used to be
This feeling as the dawn
It fades to gray
I'm half the man I used to be
This feeling as the dawn
It <FADES> to gray

Feelin' uninspired
Think I'll start a fire
Everybody run
Bobby's got a gun
Think you're kinda neat
Then she tells me I'm a creep
Friends don't mean a thing
Guess I'll leave it up to me

© 1992 Floated Music ASCAP
Lyrics cannot be reprinted without permission.

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This is a Stone Temple Pilots song | Reviewer: today's music makes me want to jump off a bridge | 3/22/14

I apologize to all of you former Bieber fans who are now just discovering what real music is, but this is STP, not Nirvana. I really can't believe that this is even a discussion when you can Google each band's discography and see for yourself.

retarded idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/13

Anyone who believes this is by Nirvana should be shot. Theres never technically been a greatest hits album from Nirvana. There has been a few compilation albums like From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah and With the Lights Out and a few like that. Most are previously unreleased or live tracks... but none were a cover song of Creep by STP. Nirvana never technically did ANY cover songs. They did piss around at live shows and play 20 to 50 seconds of an old 70s or 80s song but that was about it. And i read a comment that states this is on the Unplugged album.... that funny because i have unplugged in New York, CD and DVD and this song isnt on either copy. also this song was written by Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo of STP. Also i read a comment that said this song was written as a tribute to Kurt Cobain. Why would this be a tribute to Kurt when the album it was on (Core) was released in 1992 and Kurt died in 1994? Doesnt make much sense to me. I like the song, but i know for a fact that it is not Nirvana.

Moron! | Reviewer: Kyle | 9/1/13

How are you going to say eddie vedder is the frontman of grunge when Kurt Cobain basically created it, and definitely put it on the map u moron. Your pathetic ur a simple minded person who doesnt no shit judging from that retarted, arrogant statement! dude ill close on this, nevermind sold over 10 million copies alone! Pearl jam will never do that.. Especially now there old an fucking played out.. [fact]- Nirvana is the most sucessful rock band of OUR generation you little shit, an still bringing in millions of dollars in revenue till this day.. The highest grossing dead celebrity of all time toping even Elvis! It is clear that his music touched the world and will live on forever.. "Its better to burn out then to fade away", - Kurt Cobain

I Wish | Reviewer: Kyle | 9/1/13

great song, truly is. I hate to tell you guy's that this song was by STP though,and that is a fact. Although I can see why people would think it's Kurt Cobain. Scott pretty much sounds identical to Kurt at some points in the song. Also this song relates very well with Kurt towards his final years, so much that i wish he did make it. For all you ppl who basically just tried to downgrade Kurt Cobain go fuck yourself. Your prob 15 yr old kids who think you no everything and you dont no shit! I lived in that era and seen nirvana and they were one of the best if not the best live performances I ever seen! The only reason use are even talking about him is because he killed himself and now his legend lives on. You all look at him as a mythical god pursue. If he didnt commit suicide half of you would not even no who he is so just stop. In closing, whoever said pearl jam better then nirvana go fuck yourself loser that a complete lie. there overrated as fuck an say nothing most of the time. They have catchy riffs thats all dude...

WRONG!!!! | Reviewer: FlawsonD | 3/21/13

Is totally a STP song. Never Nirvana!!! but since we are discussing grunge and Cobain. Im just going to say Eddie Vedder is by far the best frontman of grunge not Cobain. And Pearl Jam the best band of the 90s and my favorite of all time.

STP | Reviewer: fedidas | 10/23/12

Nirvana NEVER performed this song, and the guy above who says that the song is included in Nirvana's greatest hits album should know that a Nirvana's greatest hits album was NEVER released.

Poppycock | Reviewer: Floyd the Barber | 3/17/12

Kurt Cobain couldn't sing, he could barely play his instrument (simply refer to their 'legendary' 1992 Reading festival performance as testimony) and even when they managed to cut a decent studio album, he couldn't bring himself to refrain from critiquing it as "too poppy" (that would being in reference to "Nevermind.") Face it, the guy was so wrapped up in his own narcissistic, counter-culture dogma that he never even stopped to worry about becoming an actual musician.

And for those of you select, misguided esoteric commentators who labor to insist that every piece of his lyrical material had some type of profound, cryptic meaning that only your unique insight into his personal life experiences can uncover - the man himself put this theory to rest. Checkout the well-known MTV interview regarding his motivation for the naming of the song "Rape Me:"

Hell, about the only song that had anything to do with any actual personal experience of his was "Sliver," for which he admits to SPECIFICALLY naming in the hopes that most people would get it confused with "Silver," which they have continued in doing to this day! Talk about a lasting legacy. He's still fucking with you!

Trolls trolls trolls trolls trolls - "Kurdt" Cobain was your elementary predecessor.

both! | Reviewer: Timothy | 1/2/12

Everyone pull your head outta your asses they both preformed this song it is on nirvana's greatest hits album and stp's core you're all dumb asses and need a head check if it wasn't for your own ignorance you may have checked into it a little farther i have both albums to prove the theory as well!!! pathetic simply pathetic.

you dumbshit!! | Reviewer: brandon | 8/2/11

I know its like 2 years later, but do you still think that song was written and performed by Nirvana? I understand that you must have been a troubled teen at the time who still believed that you had a hard life, but your intelligence doesn't have to suffer as well. Check Nirvana's discography as well as STP's. And quit smoking dope! Kurt wasn't singing your life, he didn't even singing his own...

reply to jsut about everyone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/11

just because stp played it as creep, that dosent make shit on who wrote it, you all need to shut the fuck up and quit bitching, its a good song so fuck off, fuck off to everyone that says kurts lyrics make no sence (if you fucking listen, and read, and truly understand the shit he went through, you would know), and fuck off to all who think grunge is still alive. it died with kurt.

You People are Lame | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

It's pretty obvious most of you are trying to make a point here but nobody is really coming out to say it. I saw Nirvana live three times befores my man's death in '94. Let me say this, STP ain't nothing compared to Nirvana. STP isn't even in the same league. Nirvana and Kurt changed music forever. And who gives a shit who wrote the song or who performed it live or not. You all sound like a bunch of girls arguing over nothing. Fuck Scott Weiland. Kurt's dead and still brings more attention and fans to Nirvana to this day. GRUNGE IS DEAD.

Why argue, do your own research! | Reviewer: Allison Aileen | 9/14/10

Why argue about this, I love Nirvana, and I love Stone Temple Pilots. It is CLEARLY a Stone Temple Pilots song, I have all of their albums. I also have Nirvana's albums, and there is no such Nirvana song as Half The Man I Used To Be. It is STP-Creep. But don't just take my word for it because I am someone who listenes to over 1,000 different bands and artists, in all different genres. Research it for yourself if you are that curious.

Uh, wtf | Reviewer: Meg | 7/3/10

This is Creep by Stone Temple Pilots. And Scott Weiland doesn't sound anything like Kurt Cobain in my opinion.
People should listen to the radio more often and buy CDs instead of illegally downloading. Then you would probably know who actually performs this song. If it wasn't for Limewire, there would be confusion like this. -__-

Not Nirvana | Reviewer: Jeff | 6/25/10

Alright if this is Nirvana then what album is it on? Maybe if you guys that say it's Nirvana actually owned their albums then you'd know. I also have the album Core and that came out in 92 and this song was on it. Except it's called by the real name of the song on Core.

OMG!!! | Reviewer: gabe | 1/1/10

OMG!!!! How can people say this is Kurt Cobain, damn....who was the stupid who said Courtney Love had the rights to this song!!!!

Jesus, guys...I dont know how many of you were alive when this song came out, certainly not a lot....