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Pascale Picard Band Half Asleep Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2012 11:01:47 AM

The worlds not gonna end
I made this promise to me
Repeating to myself 12 times a day
Nobody loves no one, anyway
But someone is still crying
In a corner of my head
& if you believe me when I say I'm alright

This week is gonna end
Make this promise to me
Calling me 12 times a day
But I know what you're about to say
'Cause you may be whispering
But in the corner of my head
The voice is clear, will you be alright?
The more that I hope. the more I keep waiting
The more I get old
In a hurry. I'd rather fix up my mind soon
The more I keep Waiting, the more I fall back
It seems like I'll never get held
By someone, someone exactly like me

What if we bend?
Breaking all the promises we made
Juggling with words 12 hours a day
12 more and my life's away
'Cause this voice is running in circles
In a corner of my head
Making me dizzy but it feels so right...

The more that I hope...