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Haemorrhage Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:26:01 AM

Haemorrhage was formed back in 1990 by Jose and Luisma. In the early days of the band, it was called Devourment and they tried to play grind core with pathological lyrix as they learned how to handle their instruments. The first line-up was: Jose on bass and vocals, Luisma on guitars and Emilio on drums. That period last untill the summer of 1991 when the drummer is expulsed, and the band remained almost dead.

In June '92 Haemorrhage born again after a year of silence, but only as a side-project band. The result of three months of rehearsals was "Grotesque Embryopathology" the first demo recorded in september '92 with Luisma on guitars and vocals and Jose on drums and vocals. That demo was sent to some 'zines and friends, but it never was distributed because of its shitty sound.

In the end of 1993 Haemorrhage started to turn to a "real" band. The first one who was asked to join the band was Lugubrious. He had just left his old band, and he knew and liked Haemorrhage, so he was a perfect vocalist for the band. Some months after Ramon is asked to help the band on bass.

In may '94 they recorded seven songs in a professional studio. The result is very good, so theysent a promo-tape to Morbid Recs. that offered two releases: a split ep and a full-lenght cd.

In July'94 Ana replaced Ramon on bass for two shows and she was asked to stay as a second guitarist. Five months after the band recorded "Emetic Cult" the first cd, so Haemorrhage became the first death/grind band who released a full lenght album on a foreign label.

In october'95 the band recorded some new stuff on the "Promo'95". Some of those songs were recorded for eps compilations that never were released.

In May'96 Jose left the band because of personal problems. Some days after they got in touch with an old friend Rojas who played with lugubrious and Ramon in another band.

Rojas learned the old stuff in few weeks and helped to compose some new songs. So in August'96 he was totally ready to record the new album "Grume".

Immediatly after the recording Haemorrhage played their first tour with C.S.S.O. and Dead Infection, playing 14 shows in Germany, Czech rep., Holland and Belgium. Some months after, in May'97 "Grume" was finally released on cd and Pic. lp, and they played another mini-tour to promote "Grume".

In August'97 T.M. recs finally releases the delayed split ep, but now their partners are the polish Damnable.

In february 1998 Haemorrhage record another promo-tape, with 7 new songs and covers. The third album "Anatomical Inferno" will fall soon.