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Hades Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:25:39 AM

What band has been recording metal since the early 80's yet each release is heavier than it's predecessor?

What band loves it's music so much that even after they get signed use their own money to promote their new music?

What band has the balls to put in bold on each recent release, "We used no lawyers, managers, or cover songs in the making of this recording"?

The answer to all of these questions is New Jersey's Hades. Hades first released their now classic speed metal debut "Resisting Success" in 1987. The band broke up after completing a European tour in 1989, a year after releasing their sophomore effort "If At First You Don't Succeed". After the breakup, vocalist Alan Tecchio moved to Austin, Texas to join prog rockers Watchtower for a year. In 1990 he reunited with guitarist Dan Lorenzo in his new band Non-Fiction. Non-Fiction recorded 3 full lengths and toured the U.S. and Europe extensively before their breakup in 1995. Interestingly, Hades released a reunion cd called " Exist To Resist" on Black Pumpkin Records in 1994 while Non-Fiction was still active.

In 1999 Hades signed to Metal Blade Records and released their comback cd "Saviorself". Originally a demo, this release showed the band focusing on a new, more mature heavy sound. " The Downside" followed in 2000. Possessing a much better production and more cohesive songwriting this release saw Hades pushing themsleves to another level as a unified band. Hades finest moment came in support of "The Downside" during an appearance at Germany's infamous Wacken 2000 outdoor festival. "We had high hopes before recording "The Downside", but our drummer had a tough time in the studio" said Lorenzo. "The songs were there for the most part, but the performance could have been better".

"DamNation" is Hades third cd for Metal Blade and this time the band feel they've surpassed their last release by huge leaps. With the return of original Hades bassist Jimmy Schulman and new drum talent Ron Lipnicki, Alan and Dan, along with mainstay lead guitarist Ed Fuhrman, have recorded their heaviest cd to date. Jimmy brings his unique melodic bass style back to the band and Ron takes drumming to all new heights making the Hades rhythm section more powerful than ever. When asked, "Is the title and the burning US flag on the cover of "DamNation" anti-American?" Lorenzo countered with "I love America but after O.J., Monica, and Clinton's pardons I think it's safe to say as a country we could make a hell of a lot of improvements". Tecchio had this to say about "DamNation", "I'm sure we'll get some flack for the burning flag, but it symbolizes how many of us are symbolically burning our own country to the ground by taking it for granted. It's not all our fault though", continues Tecchio, "The lumps beneath the flag represent the many coverups inherent in American politics."