Hades Almighty Albums

  • The Pulse Of Decay Album (3/22/2001)
    216 / Cataclysmic
    Submission Equals Suicide
    The Pulse Of Decay
    The Antichrist Inside
    Vendetta Assassination

  • Millennium Nocturne Album (3/22/1999)
    Millenium Overture (Intro)
    Dream Traveller
    Carnival Blaspheme
    To Reach Divine Fullfillment
    Gardens Of Chaos (The Curse Of The Sexless Angel)
    A Ballad Of Death And Obsession
    Nighttime Endurance

  • The Dawn Of The Dying Sun Album (3/22/1997)
    The Dawn Of The Dying Sun
    The Awakening Of Kings
    Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign Of Hades)
    Alone Walkyng
    Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes
    The Tale Of A Nocturnal Empress
    Pagan Prayer

  • ...Again Shall Be Album (3/22/1994)
    Pagan Triumph
    Hecate (Queen Of Hades)
    The Ecstacy Of An Astral Journey
    An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin
    ...Again Shall Be
    The Spirit Of An Ancient Past
    Unholy Congregation
    Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become
    In The Moonless Sky

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