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Haddaway is the one who has given a credible face to
Euro-pop and he faces a career that is more than simply a
flash in the pan. Born in Tobago he moved to Washington DC
at the age of nine. He grew up to the sounds of Louis
Armstrong, which encouraged him to take up the trumpet and
form his first group, Chances, at the age of 14. After a
stint at college he moved to Cologne in 1987 and embarked
upon a successful marketing career where he worked mainly
in bars! Subsequently he decided to use his creative skills
more directly and formed his own company, Energy, which
organised More...

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Reviews about Haddaway songs

need the year^.^ | Reviewer: Jorge Van de Sompel
    ------ About the song What Is Love? performed by Haddaway

can anyone tell me the year of this amazing song,i'm kinda busy ordering my media player XD
so if you know mail me ,thx

Totally bitchin song | Reviewer: Samuelson
    ------ About the song What Is Love? performed by Haddaway

Whenever i hear this song my head starts to bob and my pelvis starts to thrust and i feel so totally alive!!!! It completely changes my life i lost fifteen pounds thrusting and shaking my booty 2 dis song and now ive got a neck injury and have to wear a neck brace but i still love "what is love". the brace looks like a dogs head cone. The vampire chic in the video is scary but the others are hott. I really like when Haddaway bares his chest i bet he gets he gets it shaved/waxed that's HOTT! O.M.G. HE PRESSES MY "LITTLE BUTTON"LOL R U SMELLIN WHAT IM SHITIN???!!? SWEET. THE WAY THAT THAT BLOND BITCH WALKS BACKWARD IS A COMPLETE TURN-ON.(YES I SWING BOTH WAYS- WANNA MAKE SOMTIN OFIT.) My canines are pretty frickin sharp, id like to nibble on Haddaway's chesticles.... ALL NITE LONG! I TOTALLY PARTY HARDY. I GET WASTED @ OTHER PPLS MANSIONS ALL THE TIME AND SUCK THEIR NECK (ALL THESE RANDOM HOTTIES, I MEAN) SO I could totally roll w/ HADDAwaY AND HIS CREW. I'M aries,, HADDAWAY BABY, SO U WATCH OUT 4 MY MAD SEX SKILLZ. I DON'T FOOL AROUND WHEN IT COME TO FUCKIN. My bro is a virgo and so he could b a 'vehicle' 4 one of them hussies!!!!!

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