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Hank Williams HALF AS MUCH Lyrics

Last updated: 09/22/2013 06:42:01 AM

Written by Curley Williams 1952
Used by permission of Brent L. Weldon, Curley's grandson

If you love me half as much as I love you
You wouldn't worry me half as much as you do
You're nice to me when there's no one else around
You only build me up to let me down

If you missed me half as much as I miss you
You wouldn't stay away half as much as you do
I know that I would never be this blue
If you only loved me half as much as I love you
repeat both verses

Thanks to Alice, LPS for submitting HALF AS MUCH Lyrics.

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I wonder | Reviewer: Mary | 9/22/13

I wonder what a women should think... when her man says after five years ..of dating..and previously shares that i am a women that wants to be with him.. when comparing me to a one before... that struggled to commit to him...and once said she was the one... Says.. after listening to this song..That this song is like me singing to him.....