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As an outfit that has long done its growing up in public,
Gyroscope know that nothing prepares a band better for the
road ahead than hard earned experience. Starting as
Gyroscope Sunday in Perth back in 1997, this quartet
immediately took on a gigging schedule that could be
described as endless. Since signing to FMR in early 2003,
the band were eager and ready to take their hard work ethic
on the road on a national scale, with tours in support of
Blink 182, Thursday, The Living End and The Get Up Kids.

“In the last year we’ve grown More...

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Reviews about Gyroscope songs

Brilliant | Reviewer: Marko
    ------ About the song Australia performed by Gyroscope

Probably my favourite Gryoscope song to date. Absolutely love the passion and love for Australia and think this is something that has been exceptionally rare in Australian music and probably only really captured by bands such as Chisel and You am I.

Every other nation constantly produces songs about how great their nation is. I think it's almost a blessing that it is not the norm for us and therefore it allows us to really appreciate the quality of the few that do get put out there.

a welcome change | Reviewer: Daile
    ------ About the song Australia performed by Gyroscope

when was the last time you heard a song that spoke about how great our country is? while there's a place for the anti-establishment side of rock, i'm so glad someone has finally acknowledged in a song that Australia is f#$@ing awesome! sure it's not perfect but jesus - theres about a million places worse to live than this!

Anthem | Reviewer: Nick Ogden
    ------ About the song Australia performed by Gyroscope

This is going to be one of those unofficial Australian Anthems, like Kha Sahn, but one that all Aussies can relate to. If you love our country you can feel it in this song. Superbly written, It's going to take off when it hits the mainstream stations

Top aussie band | Reviewer: Stabiliser
    ------ About the song Doctor Doctor performed by Gyroscope

Doctor Doctor is off Gyroscope's first full length album, Sound Shattering Sound, and is a perfect example of their unique sound.

Singing with their natural Australian accents and dripping with passion the words jump from the speakers imparting the emotion behind the lyrics. With the characteristically edgey mid tone vocals backed by catchy melodies and nice simple, yet dynamic, distorted guitars, Doctor Doctor will stick in your head and having you singing along to the chorus from the first listen.


the best band ever | Reviewer: K
    ------ About the song You Try Waiting This Long performed by Gyroscope

Gyroscope absolutely rock out live, this is a nice little number to end the SSS masterpiece. Their new album Are You Involved? is awesome so go out and get it. love a bit of perth talent

sharp words | Reviewer: gyrolovaaaar
    ------ About the song Sharp Words performed by Gyroscope

awesome awesome song i cant get enough of gyroscope they rock my socks sharp words is a hell fave at the mo

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