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Heavy D Gyrlz, They Love Me (Remix) Lyrics

Last updated: 06/14/2012 11:00:00 AM

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[women singing in background: x3]
Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!

[Heavy D:]
Coolin in my crib and I'm cold, maxin
Call up a cutie, I'm in the mood for relaxin
Get my phone book from, top o' the shelf
I'll dial 66 - hm, I better keep it to myself
Call up a cutie with a triple star next to it
She says, "Hello," we con-versate a bit
Invite her over for a candlelight dinner
Believe me when I tell you that this girlie is a winner
Shortly after that, I hear the doorbell ring
Turn on the radio, Anita Baker starts to sing
Open up the door and I kiss her on the cheek
She's so nice, polite, petite, so sweet
Sit her on the couch and uh, remove her coat
Squat next to her, *ahem* clear my throat
Whisper in her ear, told her what she wants to hear
Let her know that, "Have no fear - Heavy D.'s here"

[Chorus 1:]
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me
(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me...

[Heavy D:]
Take my hand, walk with me
I'm the imperial, Overweight Lover MC Heavy D.
Now that I've introduced myself correctly
Do you have a moment to spend some time with me?
Would you like a drink, maybe a Piña, Colada
A strawberry Daiquiri, some wine from Havana
It really doesn't matter, the choice is yours
And when you're through with your drink, we'll take a walk out-doors
Gazed at the stars, walked down the boardwalk
Sit by the beach and talk lover's talk
Make a quick call on my cellular phone
Some type of limousine to pick us up and take us home
Ahh! - an enjoyable night
The mood was smooth and everything was alright
It may be hard for you, but it's easy for me
Cause girls, the girls, the girls, THEY LOVE ME!

[Chorus 2:]
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me
(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me
(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me
(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)
Gyrlz they, gyrlz they love me!

[horn solo break and Eddie F. cuts and scratches]

[Heavy D:]
Me, Glenn, and Troy went to a disco (word)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth was on stage drinkin Cisco
Damien had his girl Michelle (of course!)
Craig Boogie had a girl that I never seen before ("HEY!")
Eddie F. was home makin a beat [scratches]
Mick T. was at the crib on a hundred and twenty-two street (chillin)
Tootie had a cutie that was dope (Damn!)
Groovy Lou, Quan, and Little Dow was crackin jokes (YOU BIG!)
Grapp had the dancefloor packed (GO, GO, GO)
Joe Black was in the corner lookin meanie when he [?]
Tommy, George, Jeff and Butta was on the spot
Buyin champagne from the crew a hundred dollars a pop!
Me, I was casin the joint
Clockin all the people as they stared and point
It feels really good to be Heavy D.
Because the girls, the girls, they LOVE me!

[Chorus 2]

[Heavy D:]
Huh, candlelight dinner and violets
Keep the girlie smilin, but when upon the set
I don't drink, I'm profilin
Run through the last check, looked upon the Rolex
Her clock says twelve, my clock says se-...
Eh-ha-ha-ha-hah - you know what I'm talkin about!
And if you don't, I think you'll figure it out
It ain't that I'm conceited or nuttin
I'm just impressed, for frontin and bluffin

[Chorus 2: 'til fade]

(Cause he's The Overweight Lover Heavy D!)

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