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Out of upstate New York has come an inventive new group that is beginning to make their mark on the music world. Instead of the conventional looped samples and canned beats, Gym Class Heroes is a 5 piece hip-hop band that uses live instruments and musicians instead of looped samples and canned beats. The band has produced an original hip-hop sound fusing crisp guitar rhythms, deep melodic bass lines, head cracking beats, and conscious lyrics to create a sound that is truly their own. In April of 2004, GCH entered a New York recording studio on a minimal budget. They returned four days later with a brand new album entitled The Papercut Chronicles. Laced with honesty and sincerity, the record captures the complexity of Gym Class Heroes as people, while showcasing phenomenal song writing abilities way beyond their age. On tracks like "Make Out Club" and the CD opener "Papercuts", front man Schleprok displays a sly and witty sense and an ability to write conceptual songs that are as humorous as they are serious. Sooner than the album could even be mixed and mastered it landed in the hands of Pete Wentz, from Fall Out Boy (Island Records/Fueled By Ramen Records). Before the group knew it, they were in talks with representatives from several record labels and management companies, ultimately signing with Florida based record label, Fueled By Ramen.

The band's current release "The Papercut EP" serves as a pre-release to the full length "The Papercut Chronicles", which is due to hit stores on February 22nd.

Gym Class Heroes are:
Matt - drums
Travis - vocals
Ryan - bass
Disashi - guitar

Milo - guitar
Sie One - turntables

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ayeyehB | Reviewer: keante | 1/22/09

omg this band is like the realist they tell it like it is an di love them for that. they music is the best i dont really like rock but the put a mixture of hip-hop and rock together and i thinks that good

Love always [ayeyehB]

Gym Class Heroes | Reviewer: sass | 2/28/08

ok .... gym class heroes ARE a 5 piece band who play the music live and DONT use looped tracks or beats. what some people seem to be getting confused with is the fact that in only two of their songs they have done what is essentially a cover whilst changing the lyrics for the choruses and writing the rest themselves. Ive never before come across anyone that disliked a band for doing a cover!

I am by no means a hip hop fan, however i love this band. The lyrics are honest and witty and rhythmic in a way that is sadly lacking in almost every other hip hop song i have ever heard. If all hip hop music was as honest and lyrical as this then it would be a music genre i could get on board with. Other hip hop artists trying to get by on their bling and semi naked women in their videos should watch their backs as these guys are now showing how it SHOULD be done.

kinda a plug | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

i love them, and i've been listening to them over and over for a while now. anyway, there's this band from the philippines that you guys might want to listen to - The Out of Body Special. they're basically doing the same thing i guess. i mean using a band instead of samples and stuff. look em up :D

your the best | Reviewer: AARON | 12/9/07

hey you guys are the best i love your song cupids chokehold because it has some beats that make me wonder are these people gods or something thats how unique your songs are i just wanted to know when will yous guys make another hit like that

are you guys that are arguing serious?! | Reviewer: Joe | 10/2/07

these guys are great and if they used samples them selves that doesnt take away from originality, alot of people sample, someone had to pioneer to get to a new place, for yall elvis fans, he wasnt original if thats the case think about all those songs he stole, and became famous for, everybody that has their own sound and own words weather or not its has something from a previous song, these guys are original and they are bringing something to the table, yall can hate on what yall cant do...

i listen to almost every genre u can think of and i like hip hop alot as well as rock altern and punk, etc. so dont try to hate on the people who are hip hop, because u dont understand who they are, become better than yourself, and try listening to real hip hop, and for people out there 50 cent is NOT hip hop

***yyyeeewww* gym calss heroes are the best!!!!!!♥♥♥☻☻☻☺☺☺ | Reviewer: ***cassie*** | 9/19/07

gym class heroes are an awesome band and i love their song CLOTHES OFF! its the best song out so far.
i love it!!!!!!!

this bio suxs | Reviewer: Kyurois | 8/22/07

Yeah, This bio is wrong. It's not Upstate New York, no such thing. It's Central N.Y. It pisses me off when people assume that anything that isn't N.Y.C is all Upstate. Or Canada. People live here too, you know! And while these guys have live musicians, they do redo's of old songs, Girlfriend is Supertramp's Breakfast in America, that they do give credit to in the full song title. Clothes off! is a rewrite of Jermaine Stewart's We Don't have to Take Our Clothes Off. They do preform the music live, they aren't looped samples. So it's refreshing from all the Hip-hop stuff you hear on the radio that the music is just looped samples of music from Disney films, or old crooner music sped up so they sound like they're on crack. Whoever wrote the bio should research before they type.

Other than that, I absolutely love this band. What songs they fully write are awesome and original. These guys aren't afraid to be themselves or to do anything new, or rewrite anything for that matter!

Big Nate~Track Fiend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

Who ever was talkin about looped samples... your fuckin dumb, seriously though.. if you knew anything about hip-hop... or music in the matter, samples are modified recordings... they dont use samples, they just re-write the song... its different... its some guy from Fall Out Boy singin the 'Badadada' part.. I dont know his name because im a hip-hop fan myself, but GCH is unique, better than anything else ive heard in a long time, they're not afraid to be themselves.. dumb ass people who talk before thinking bug the shit out of me..............

Hi | Reviewer: Danie | 8/9/07

i don't like hip hop but i like them so i guess for you hip hop fans they suck or something haha

Eh er | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

I don't think the author of the biography was listening to the same band as we were.. The only two songs of theirs I've heard are both 'looped samples' of old 80's(?) songs. I don't understand where Pat and Pete come into it all from FOB

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