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Gwen Stefani was born in Orange County, California on
October 3, 1969. As she was growing up she was strongly
influenced by "ska" and "punk" music. She grew up with her
Mom, Dad, two brothers(Eric, and Todd), and one sister,

When Gwen graduated from high school she attented "Cal
State Fullerton College".

Her band "No Doubt" was started by her brother Eric
Stefani, and a friend of his John Spence in 1987. Gwen
joined later on as lead singer. Even later, Tony, Adrian,
and Tom joined the band. They released their first album
"No More...

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Review about Gwen Stefani songs
Hmm.. | Reviewer: Wee
    ------ About the song Cool performed by Gwen Stefani

I don't think this is a sad song... it probably is, but the way I receive it is: it's not. It's about thanking the other person for the memories that they've had together; and the break up was not a bad thing for them. In fact, it's a good thing because they found the person they are meant to be with. Breaking up is a lot better than staying in a relationship that is like circle and triangle... they don't match.

miss him | Reviewer: Ptryzzia Aunne
    ------ About the song Cool performed by Gwen Stefani

well I'm on arrange marriage...and after all i liked the guy that im going to marry and were good ,we dont argue .....i thought that we are really for each other BUT after some years we divorced because he likes someone else T_T ...and I cant blame him cause it was never our decision to be married T_T....its just that I miss all the times we spent together when I hera this song

FgfUcGduRFx | Reviewer: omar
    ------ About the song Hollaback Girl performed by Gwen Stefani

O, yeah, I agree. I think it's silly that there are so many divisions beeewtn the genders in music and marketing. For instance, how silly is it that there is soap marketed directly to men? What next? Toothpaste for men? (Please let me know if this already exists.) Alcohol is even classified by manly or not. For instance, beer is considered manly; mixed drinks (even with higher alcohol content) are considered girly. Go figure.

The Japanese | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song What You Waiting For? performed by Gwen Stefani

The Japanese in the background is "Nani Matteru no?" ("What are you waiting for?"), ("Nani mattendayo!") (Slang for "What are you waiting for?!"), "Kowagatten Ja Ne" ("Don't be a sissy!") and something I can't work out. D; It sounds like "Anata no mama de Dekiru no ni" (Which is something like "You can only do it your way"). Hope that helped.

www | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rich Girl performed by Gwen Stefani

hi golde girl how are doing let me identifie my self to you my mane is mustapha shettima iam a youth 25 year iam here in nigeria if you acceptable iam read please reply as soon as is practicably possible

losing a friend. | Reviewer: alanna harley
    ------ About the song Don't Speak performed by Gwen Stefani

i like this song. Pretty lovely <3 i loved how Gwen had that simple look going on and at the same time look stunning. I like that effortless look.

She's probably singing about her break up with the bassist. In my humble opinion this song in about losing a friend that you always confided in.. maybe ego gets in the way... maybe the friend or the bassist felt over shadowed & that's when the relationship died down... & she doesnt want to hear him explain to her that they're not close anymore. That things changed.... or something.

Not the real song | Reviewer: JD
    ------ About the song Shit (Bananas) performed by Gwen Stefani

This is not the real song she never says anything about the sex and all the verse she says about fired up and put your pom poms down not get a strap on the person who wrote this is twisted truly twisted

Perfectly matching... | Reviewer: BelovedBoo
    ------ About the song Cool performed by Gwen Stefani

I'm trying my best to calm me down after a sad sad time, saying goodbye to my guy. I don't hate him or curse him whatsoever. We aren't meant to be, sad but true. And I hope someday we can hear this song together and look back the days when we 'were' young. And of course, I would say 'After all, I know we're cool"...

Having encoutered with some nice person in this life, that's a good luck, isn't it?

Sad sex midgets | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Cool performed by Gwen Stefani

This song makes me sad too.Makes me think of all of the ex sex midgets no longer having butt naked sex with me:the rude african man.(Hey've moved on and I,ve gone on to lay extensive thick man meat on other sex midgets.They think I'm king kong and I be kongin dem lil hoe's..fall back negro's!!!

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cool performed by Gwen Stefani

This is a really good song. Me and my ex husband have been divorce for about 3 yrs now. We've moved on and found the love of our life. He and I still have good communication and are on good terms. But this song does really brings back memories. I guess, for old time sake.. :)

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