Gwen Stefani Albums

  • The Sweet Escape Album (12/5/2006)
    Wind It Up
    Orange County Girl
    Breakin' Up
    Sweet Escape
    Parental Advisory
    You Started It
    Can't Stop The Music
    That's The Way
    Average Guy
    Fine By You
    Wonderful Life
    Taking Myself For Granted

  • Love, Angel, Music, Baby Album (11/23/2004)
    What You Waiting For?
    Rich Girl
    Hollaback Girl
    Bubble Pop Electric
    Harajuku Girls
    The Real Thing
    Danger Zone
    Long Way To Go

  • Return of Saturn Album (7/1/2000)
    Simple Kind of Life
    Six Feet Under
    Magic's In The Makeup
    Artificial Sweetener
    Marry Me
    Too Late
    Comforting Lie
    Suspension Without Suspense
    Staring Problem
    Home Now
    Dark Blue

  • Tragic Kingdom Album (7/1/1995)
    Excuse Me Mr.
    Just a Girl
    Happy Now?
    Different People
    Hey You
    The Climb
    Sundays Morning
    Don't Speak
    You Can Do It
    World Go Round
    End It On This
    Tragic Kingdom

  • Beacon Street Collection Album (7/1/1994)
  • No Doubt Album (7/1/1992)

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    Reviews about Gwen Stefani albums

    The Next Big Thing | Reviewer: Alexi
        ------ About the album The Sweet Escape performed by Gwen Stefani

    I think Gwen is a multi-talented women; a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, an international artist. She's definitely a BIG thing. There's something in her songs which make them uniquely "gwen". Guess it must be her magic touch. Go girl!!!

    Brilliant | Reviewer: Raven
        ------ About the album The Sweet Escape performed by Gwen Stefani

    Right, okay, some people have called this album 'rubbish'. But I disagree. It may not be superb like multi-million album 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby', but it does have some of the most original and breath-taking away tracks!

    Wind It Up - 9/10
    The Sweet Escape feat. Akon - 10/10
    Orange County Girl - 7/10
    Early Winter - 8/10
    Now That You Got It - 10/10
    4 In The Morning - 10/10
    Yummy - 9/10
    Fluorescent - 9/10
    Breakin' Up - 6/10
    Dont Get It Twisted - 9/10
    U Started It - 8/10
    Wonderful Life - 9/10

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