GutterMouth Albums

  • Shave The Planet Album (10/1/2006)
    Shave The Planet
    Burn It Down
    My Chemical Imbalance
    Primate Camp
    The 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash
    "Mark" The Cubby Chaser/Newport Sweater Fat
    What Then
    Upside Down Space Cockroach
    God, Steve McQueen "The Work Song"

  • Eat Your Face Album (7/16/2004)
    Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)
    Surfs Up Asshole
    Octopus Hairpiece
    Wasted Lives
    The Next Faux Mohican
    Second DUI
    My Neighbor's Baby
    Guadalahabra (The La Habra Spirit)
    I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno
    Ticket To Quebec
    Hot Dog To The Head

  • Gusto! Album (8/13/2002)
    Camp Fire Girl #62
    Scholarship In Punk
    Pee In The Shower
    Walk Of Shame
    My Town
    Looking Out For #1
    My Girlfriend
    Lemon Water

  • Covered with Ants Album (4/10/2001)
    That's Life
    Can I Borrow Some Ambition?
    Secure Horizons
    She's Got The Look
    Looking Good Is All That Matters
    I'm Destroying The World
    Chug-A-Lug Night
    What You Like About Me
    I Won't See You In The Pit
    Black Enforcers
    Cram It Up Your Ass

  • Gorgeous Album (6/1/1999)
  • Live From The Pharmacy Album (7/28/1998)
  • Musical Monkey Album (7/15/1997)
  • Teri Yakimoto Album (5/7/1996)
  • Friendly People Album (1/30/1996)
  • Full Length Album (2/4/1994)

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