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Guster became one of the most successful bands to hit the
East Coast scene in the late '90s. Through relentless
touring and humorous stage banter with the crowd, the band
developed a strong, grassroots fan base that spread rapidly
with a strong presence on the Internet. The Boston trio
developed a unique sound with two acoustic guitars and a
bongo set, successfully defying the typical industry
pigeonholing. They wrote short, infectiously catchy tunes
about love, suicide, and absurdist rock star lifestyles.
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Review about Guster songs
Amazing song! | Reviewer: Ian
    ------ About the song Two at a Time performed by Guster

Amazing song! It's kid of weird how quite a few of Guster's songs are oriented around christianity, though... I don't believe they're Christian!

Meaning | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today performed by Guster

I thought the song was referring to one friend having to leave another and how the one friend didn't want him to leave. He wants tomorrow to be like today, because he wants to keep his friend around. But the friend is leaving for good.

Slow song | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today performed by Guster

This song is set on a slow tempo with a creshendo at the bridge. Its a very simple song with few lyrics. I gather it is about a relationship from the point of view from the morning after a hookup wondering if she will move on or stay.

Love the song | Reviewer: Becky
    ------ About the song Keep It Together performed by Guster

This is one of my favorite songs - but I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet - the only time I get to hear it is when I watch old episodes of 90210....
Why is that??? This is a GREAT SONG!!!

Not that hard | Reviewer: Stimpy
    ------ About the song Airport Song performed by Guster

This song is not about a frat. It's about a cult.

Maybe you folks are a little too young to remember but back in the 80s it was very common to see cult members walking around airports asking you to buy their books. This was before the 9/11-era rules, when anybody could go through security even if not holding a ticket. That's the reference to the selling books in the airport.

One of the big cults was the Bhagwans, or the Rajneeshees, in The Dalles, OR -- the commune in which they lived was called "the farm" and it came to light that they were perpetrating some serious crimes there.

Parachute over me! | Reviewer: Ben
    ------ About the song Parachute performed by Guster

Although the title of this song is not particularly remarkable, the content more than redeems the title. This song is about being in the moment; but it is also about conserving life as much as we can. It’s about whether it’s worth it to take risks, and whether it really takes more strength to resist taking them. There is a shift at line twenty-five, where the speaker ceases to speculate about life and its outcomes and begins to start the epic journey that turns out, in my mind, to startlingly be coming of age. The speaker leaps and dodges and thrusts and parries, crying out (as if in rage) lines twenty-seven, thirty-one, and thirty-five. Finally, examining the pattern of the speaker’s life, the speaker finally realizes that there IS a kind of providence after all, that there are things worth living for that things that will work to preserve life.
Looking back at the title, it’s really about how no matter what life throws at you, there’s always a safety net for if you fall. It could be anything – your conscience, your friends, your family – whatever gets you through life. That's the parachute over you.

Tough to Decipher | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Airport Song performed by Guster

The lyrics are tough to decipher. The fraternity/pledge thought is possible. The music seems too serious for the song's subject to be fraternity initiation, though.

The relationship between master and slave in the 1800's is possible, too. The second verse has an eery, molestation theme to it. "I'll be hiding in your dirty room/I'll go there seeking only what I need."

the lyrics listed are correct, | Reviewer: colleen
    ------ About the song One Man Wrecking Machine performed by Guster

its definitely rolling up. because to make a joint you roll it up, and you get high which is like going to look out point.

Spellbinding | Reviewer: Ren
    ------ About the song Airport Song performed by Guster

When I heard this song for the first time, I was so captivated that I had to search for the lyrics since I was not satisfied with the one I had on my head, I had to make sure I really got it right. After seeing this lyrics, I think the one speaking is a fraternity member, probably the sponsor speaking to his pleb.
The only satisfaction for the speaker is when the pleb completely submits to the belief and culture of that organization. It's just a thought..

Wow | Reviewer: Harper
    ------ About the song What You Wish For performed by Guster

I went to a Nada Surf concert in Kansas City, and Guster played too. I had no clue who Guster was before that, and now I can't stop listening

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