Guns N' Roses Albums

  • Chinese Democracy Album (1/1/2008)
    Chinese Democracy
    Shackler's Revenge
    If The World
    There Was A Time
    Catcher In The Rye
    Riad N' The Bedouins
    This I Love

  • Greatest Hits Album (3/23/2004)
    Welcome To The Jungle
    Sweet Child O' Mine
    Paradise City
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    Civil War
    You Could Be Mine
    Don't Cry
    November Rain
    Live And Let Die
    Ain't It Fun
    Since I Don't Have You
    Sympathy For The Devil

  • Live Era 1987-93 (Explicit) Album (11/23/1999)
    Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)
    Don't Cry (Original)
    Dust N' Bones
    It's Alright"
    It's So Easy
    Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    Move To The City
    Mr. Brownstone
    My Michelle
    November Rain
    Out Ta Get Me
    Paradise City
    Pretty Tied Up (The Perils Of Rock N' Roll Decadence)
    Rocket Queen
    Sweet Child O' Mine
    Used To Love Her
    Welcome To The Jungle
    You're Crazy
    You Could Be Mine

  • Use Your Illusion 2 Album (10/22/1997)
    Civil War
    14 Years
    Knocking On Heaven's Door
    Get In The Ring
    Shotgun Blues
    Pretty Tied Up
    So Fine
    You Could Be Mine
    Don't Cry (Alt)
    My World

  • The Spaghetti Incident? Album (11/23/1993)
  • Appetite For Destruction (Explicit) Album (1/31/1992)
  • Use Your Illusion 1 Album (9/1/1991)
  • G N'r Lies Album (12/6/1988)
  • Live! Like A Suicide Album (12/1/1986)

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    Reviews about Guns N' Roses albums

    GNR is always good | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Appetite For Destruction (Explicit) performed by Guns N' Roses

    Ok this is by far the best album writen by guns n roses BUT they also have other great hits like on use your illusion nevember rain is more soft then usual but is still a very well writen song as for the main riffs and solos Slash still rocks hard and as said before buy this album first but beware not all the guns albums will be this heavy!Oh and comment on the side buy chinese democracy Axl did an amazing job on the album he could not have done better i think it was worth the wait WELCOME BACK GUNS N' ROSES IL BE THERE IN OUR SHOWS KEEP ON ROCKIN!!!!!

    the best evr | Reviewer: anonymous
        ------ About the album Appetite For Destruction (Explicit) performed by Guns N' Roses

    this album is the best!
    I like every song on here. the best one by far has got to be 'it's so easy'. I totally agree with heavy fuel, it rocks! be carefull buying other guns and roses albums, as they sometimes repeat songs, like welcome to the jungle. the only one I would really skip, would be sweet child of mine, as it is more harmonious than the others if you like hard rock.

    What an Album | Reviewer: Johnny G
        ------ About the album Use Your Illusion 1 performed by Guns N' Roses

    This is one of the best albums ever! I would put it next to Metallica's Black Album and Nirvana's Nevermind. Both volumes are great, but I like the 1st one better than the 2nd.
    And this part is for Heavy Fuel: what the hell are you talking about!? Don't Cry is the best song ever! It's so great that they have two versions of it!
    Believe me, if you like Rock n' Roll, you gotta buy this Album. Guns n' Roses rule!

    Great CD Though It Needs Mr. Brownstone | Reviewer: Heavy Fuel
        ------ About the album Greatest Hits performed by Guns N' Roses

    This album rocks! But where the heck is Mr. Brownstone? But it is great for most of their best songs ever! I like 9 out of 14 on this album. My favorites on this album are Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O' Mine, Patience, Paradise City, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Civil War, You Could Be Mine, November Rain, and Live and Let Die. When I first bought this album, I only liked 3, but then more grew on me. But I still recommend this item to both Appetite for Destruction and Sultans of Swing - The Very Best of Dire Straits. The end with "Knock Knock Knocking on heaven's dooor" gets boring fast. Totally my favorite song on this whole album is November Rain. The hardest rock song ever!

    Better along with AFD.
    Get both.

    The best album ever | Reviewer: Heavy Fuel
        ------ About the album Appetite For Destruction (Explicit) performed by Guns N' Roses

    This was the first album I've ever bought that I've liked almost every
    single song. I reconized that this is the best album ever! And it is. Guns
    N' Roses are the best rock bands ever. My favorites on this album are 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Nightrain', 'Out Ta Get Me', 'Mr. Brownstone', 'Paradise City', 'Sweet Child O' Mine', & 'Rocket Queen'.
    I also like some others like 'It's So Easy', 'My Michelle', 'Think About
    You', 'You're Crazy (Skip after 2 minutes)', & 'Anything Goes'. All of these songs are really great. The ones that I would skip after a while are
    'You're Crazy', & 'Rocket Queen'. If you are new to GN'R, start with this
    first. This album is so great, I also recommend these other items in addition to this great album.

    1. On Every Street (1991) by Dire Straits
    2. Nevermind (1991) by Nirvana
    3. Greatest Hits (2004) by Guns N' Roses
    4. Toys in the Attic (1975) by Aerosmith
    5. Get Your Wings (1974) by Aerosmith
    6. The Ragpicker's Dream (2002) by Mark Knopfler
    7. Fool for the City (1975) by Foghat
    8. Sultans of Swing (1998) by Dire Straits

    Any rock fan must own this CD, this CD is so awesome, I love it!

    November Rain! Great song. | Reviewer: Heavy Fuel
        ------ About the album Use Your Illusion 1 performed by Guns N' Roses

    I got this album because 'November Rain' rocks! That is typically the best rock song ever! And is the best 9:00 song ever made, ever. The riff, by Slash is so awesome! I play that song over n over again. Axl is so great on vocals. Other songs like 'Live and Let Die' rules! But then after just those 2 songs, the CD is so much not as good as Appetite. The songs (with the exeptions of November Rain, & Live and Let Die) are more out of control than on Appetite because this album has more bad words than Appetite. And they are meaner than that album. There's even a weak song 'Don't Cry'! Don't Cry is such a sad song, never tune to listen to. I bet that song has lots of sex, drugs, alcohol, liquor, and violence since it's so weak. Only 2 on this album are the best. I like to bang my head hard on November Rain. Overall it is still a really good album.

    Go buy this and Appetite UYI2 to get the best guess.

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