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D.R.I. Gun Control Lyrics

Last updated: 03/14/2003 09:37:03 PM

Automatic weapons were meant for the war
But here they are right outside your front door
Gangs and thieves are armed to the hilt
Ready to kill without the quilt

Lock and load
We need gun control [2]

A shot rings out from down the street
The gangs are restless from the night heat
The cold, black metal has made them insane
Killing each other is part of the game

Lock and load
We need gun control [2]

The barrel of a gun at the back of your head
Your money or your life is all that he said
Do you want to die or live to be old
Don't think twice about gun control

Lock and load
We need gun control [2]

We were given the right to bear arms
When our land was all ranch and farms
The law is old and in need of updating
There's no time time for hesitating

Lock and load
We need gun control [2]

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